Invenergy’s local law firm, Adler, Pollock and Sheehan, is throwing Governor Raimondo a fundraiser

From a float in last year's Ancients and Horribles Parade in Glocester
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Per Ted Nesi of Channel 12/WPRI, it looks like Invenergy‘s local law firm Adler, Pollock and Sheehan is throwing Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo a fundraiser at the exclusive University Club in Providence Friday morning. Suggested contributions are $250, $500 and $1000.

Adler, Pollock and Sheehan lawyers Vicky Almeida, Richard Beretta, Robert Brooks, Susan Leach DeBlasio, Patricia Rocha, Robert Stolzman, Stephen Ucci and Nicole Verdi are hosting. Ucci is also a Democratic Rhode Island State Representative representing District 42 in Johnston.

Nesi doesn’t mention Adler, Pollock and Sheehan or Invenergy in his coverage.

When people say you can’t buy someone of Raimondo’s stature with a paltry $1000 donation from Invenergy CEO Michael Polsky, remember that that’s not how this works. Polsky’s power comes from the fact that he’s a billionaire, and there are thousands of people paid by him who see helping him buy a Governor as a good investment.

That’s not to say that Adler, Pollock and Sheehan are working only for Invenergy. There are a number of other clients that undoubtedly benefit from this relationship.

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  1. I became familiar with the work of Adler Pollock and Sheehan when I served as a stakeholder in the public discusion as to whether or not it was appropriate to build a giant container port at Quonset. Adler Pollock and Sheehan was the law firm that regularly represented the interests of the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation, so scandal plagued an institution that several years later, after another fiasco, the state had to change the name to Commerce RI. The political leadership of the state was in thrall to the idea of a giant port and taken in by the two con men who claimed money and connections and that they could build you a thriving port, but had been tossed out of ports around the world for inabiltiy to deliver. This port would have opened intto the teeth of the Great Recession and we would still be paying for it. APS lawyers did not cover themselves in glory representing the intersts of the State of RI, nor did any of the politicians and bureaucrats pushing the idea. .

    Our next exposure is 38 Studies. APS served the people so well in their role representing the RIEDC/Commerce RI, that the firm and its lawyers had to pay millions to the State of RI for their roles in the scandal. Maybe we should be blaming the state again, it tells its lawyers what to do, but we also know how much influence these guys have on the poltiical process because they are so willing to hand out thousands of dollars to politicians and ask their friends for more. They were in it up to their eyeballs.

    Now we come to Invenergy,. This time APS is working directly for the prinvate sector (instead of indirectly on our dime). Be thankful for small favors. The idea of building a fracked gas powered electricty plant is beyond absurd. Bulding it guarantees Rhode Island actively participating in drowning our coast line at faster and faster rates and subjecting more Rhode Islanders to deadly storms. So a few of the 1% can profit more.

    A recent study pointed out that we have a half decent change to salvage the climate, keep the temperature rise below 2 degrees, if we stop building any new fossil fuel infrastucture right now. If we keep building gas fired power plants we have no chance, This creates the opportunity for a real phase out of fossil fuels instead of a phony one. It means fossil fuel facilities that close will be replaced by non greenhouse gas producing energy sources. We can move the phase out as fast as is practical, knowing the momentum will build the further down the road we go without carbon. Just so long as we build nothing new.

    Every client deserves good legal representation, and lawyers take the hand their client gives them, but to consistently have as clients con men, scammers, politicians who consistently get the big things wrong, and those ripping off Rhode Island and its natural evironment; to so consistently work against the public interest in service of the greedy, in supporting Invenergy in ways that will kill Rhode Islanders, again says it is not only the clients who do not have the best interest of Rhode Island at heart, it is the men in charge of the law firm who decide what clients to take on and what their values are. The next time you see APS representing some big project, get ready, the time to resist will be very near. With their track record you know it is going to be bad for you.

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