Governor Gina Raimondo just announced that birth certificates and licenses will soon have a non-binary option, as is presently allowed in “about a dozen states.”

“We are going to launch an initiative so that there’s a non-binary option on everybody’s license or birth certificate,” Raimondo told reporters. “So instead of just M and F there will be an X option. It’s really just basic fairness so that everybody can be treated equally and recognized by their government for who they are.

“We have heard about [the need for this] from the transgender community and the LGBTQ community and I think we need to respond,” continued Raimondo.

“I don’t think it will be difficult. It’s an implementation issue. I don’t think it will cost money. We just have to commit ourselves to doing it. We want to have it done as soon as possible,” continued the Governor. “I think realistically within the next year.”

Update: The TGI Network responds to the Governor’s announcement here:

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Scout Stephen
Scout Stephen

I called her office and left a message!! I’m so glad to hear that this is going to be an option soon as I am almost complete with my physical transition as a nonbinary person and was having major anxiety about how my personal identification documents were going to reflect my identity and my body. Thank you to everyone who helped make this a thing!!