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TGI Network responds to Governor Raimondo’s non-binary marker announcement



The TGI Network of Rhode Island is the only statewide organization providing support and advocacy for the TGI community in Rhode Island and surrounding areas. In response to Governor Gina Raimondo‘s announcement that the state would find a way to allow non-binary markers on driver’s licenses and birth certificates, Ethan Huckel, Board President of the TGI Network, issued the following statement:

“TGI Network of Rhode Island, on behalf of Rhode Island’s gender diverse community, has been in communication with the Governor over the last year about the introduction of a non-binary gender marker option on Rhode Island driver’s licenses and birth certificates.

“While we believe the Governor has our community’s interests in mind, we have been frustrated by her inability to provide a firm date by which this change will be made. The statement Governor Raimondo made today was a positive step forward, as it included a public declaration of support for our community and a commitment to the non-binary option. While we would have liked to have a shorter and more specific timeline, we believe the Governor is motivated by a desire to promise only that which she can realistically deliver.

“We are committed to maintaining an ongoing dialogue about the progress being made to ensure that this change happens as quickly as possible. Everyone deserves an ID that reflects their true identity. It is reassuring to hear that the Governor is committed to this goal as well.”

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