The same right-wing neo-fascists who have staged rallies in Boston and Providence rebranded themselves (poorly) and held a “Straight PrideParade in Boston as a parody of the annual Boston Pride Parade. The parade route chosen was the same as that used for Boston Pride.

See also: Video from the protests against the “Straight Pride” Parade in Boston

This documentary from Rod Weber, Straight Pride is Hate Pride: Putting Boston’s Straight Pride Parade in Context, demonstrates the connections between previous pro-fascist rallies in our area and this latest “straight pride” iteration. Below is my coverage of previous neo-fascist rallies in Boston and Providence over the last two years:

In response to the “Straight Pride” Parade, members of the LGBTQ+ community and anti-fascist groups and individuals staged at least two counter protests.

From Fight Supremacy: Hands Off Our Pride:

From Straight Pride is Hate Pride:

The “Straight Pride” Parade:

Other photos:

Here , members of the Boston Police Department guard a suspicious package, waiting for it to be clear by the bomb squad. This backpack was taken off a counter protester and dropped by other police as they arrested them. The police are essentially investigating a package they themselves placed in the street.

For more context, read: Inside the Vicious Crackdown on Street Medics

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