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The Uprising! September 13, 2019



The Central Falls Detention Facility Corporation (CFDFC) is holding a meeting on Friday night, during Shabbat, which will certainly prevent some members of Never Again Action from participating. Some say the scheduling is intentional, a way at hitting back at the Jewish protesters who have been calling for an end to the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) contract at the Wyatt Detention Facility and for the closure of the for-profit prison. At best the scheduling was done in ignorance, a by-product of Christian hegemony.

Here’s a link to the protest

Welcome to The Uprising!

1a. Wyatt

When the Wyatt cancelled their Monday night meeting, they cited safety concerns. Was the rescheduling to Friday evening Shabbat done to dissuade Jewish protesters from attending? That seems to be what this Access to Public Records Request from MuckRock is attempting to find out.

What is the CFDFC meeting about? It seems to be about reaffirming the contract with ICE, and to open up the door to selling the prison to a private, for-profit prison corporation like CoreCivic. The Boston Globe got a look at a document that hasn’t been officially released to the public yet.

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On Facebook Roger Williams University Law Professor Jared Goldstein wrote on Facebook about the legal and moral responsibilities of the CFDFC, saying in part, “The agreement [board members are] considering tonight would betray the public trust that you’re here to serve. You didn’t provide the public a copy of the agreement you’re discussing tonight and getting ready to vote on, so the public’s ability to exercise its right to participate in this public exercise is limited.” His entire post is worth reading.

2. Providence City Council Ward 10

Candidates to replace Ward 10 Providence City Councilmember Luis Aponte, who stepped down as part of a plea bargain with the State Attorney General on charges of embezzlement, were present at two different forums this week, taking questions from constituents.

You can watch all the video here.

3. Sunrise Movement

More than 200 young people from the Sunrise Movement gathered in Burnside Park in downtown Providence Monday morning to begin a six hour program of marching through the streets and visiting politicians to demand a Green New Deal. They visited the downtown offices of United States Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (Democrat) and the State House Offices of Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo (Democrat).

Neither Whitehouse no Raimondo met with students.

Raimondo, in fact, was caught leaving the State House via the side door:

(c)2019 Sunrise Movement

4. Kennedy Plaza tunnel

It’s a bad idea, says RI Transit Riders, who ride the bus. Downtown real estate developer and former Mayor of Providence Joseph Paolino, who doesn’t take the bus, thinks it’s a great idea.

Here’s the idea, as presented to the RI Foundation.

5. Angélica Infante-Green

Handing them an unplugged controller, Education Commissioner Angélica Infante-Green refused to allow parents, students and teachers intervenor status at a hearing Friday.

See also:

6. Anti-fascism

The Boston Anti-Nazi Network held a protest outside the Boston City Hall on Saturday, one week after Boston Police Department (BPD) assaulted and arrested protesters at the the so-called “straight pride” parade.

7. Economic Progress Institute

8. Senator Jack Reed

Demand Progress and Avaaz – national online mobilization groups, each with more than one million members in the United States and thousands in Rhode Islandare demanding that Rhode Island Senator Jack Reed fight to end United States involvement in the disastrous war in Yemen and end arms sales to Saudi Arabia.

9. Maggie Kain

10. Brown Catering Services

11. Lauren Niedel

12. “We the People March” Rally to be held in Providence

13. Fair Licensing

  • After prison, more punishment: They did their time. But as the formerly incarcerated reenter the workforce, will their past be held against them?

14. Burning waste for power

15. Bartholomewtown Podcast

16. ConvergenceRI

17. Picture of the Week:

Sunrise Movement

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