“The time is now to encourage the bold progress and change needed to ensure Rhode Island is prepared for the future,” said Maggie Kain. “We can create a culture of innovation guaranteed to benefit citizens directly.”

South Kingstown resident Maggie Kain has announced her candidacy for Rhode Island State Senate District 37 (Block Island, South Kingstown). Kain is a graduate of Ohio University and currently works in the service industry. She is a recent first-time homeowner and has lived in South County for almost 20 years.

“I have grown to love South County and as a homeowner, I have settled in South Kingstown. I love what this town represents and I feel fortunate to be a part of this community,” said Kain. “My candidacy is spurred by the need for fundamental change in our state government. The time is now to encourage the bold progress and change needed to ensure Rhode Island is prepared for the future. We can create a culture of innovation guaranteed to benefit citizens directly. We can create a stronger state when we prioritize the lives of everyday working people, removing the burden that is put on so many to enrich the few. These are the values I see in this district, and I am excited to reflect these values in my campaign.”

Politically, Kain was a delegate to the 2016 Democratic National Convention and is a founding board member of Our Revolution Rhode Island, an organization born from Senator Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign. Since that time, Kain has supported many groups in their fight for economic, reproductive, social and environmental justice in Rhode Island.

“Maggie Kain has determination, heart and experience needed to effectively represent District 37. I worked directly with Maggie in founding Our Revolution Rhode Island and working with legislators to pass overdue common sense legislation at the capitol. Having been elected as a delegate to the Democratic National Committee convention she has seen how the party and government works first hand and has the strength of character to follow her visions through,” said Aaron Pearson, District 25 Democratic Committeeman. “I personally know Maggie’s deep level of integrity and steadfast loyalty to the working families of her district and not to corporations and outside interests. Maggie’s campaign will be one that is empowered by people’s engagement. Her convictions will be at the center of her efforts to fix the culture in the Rhode Island General Assembly. I hope everyone who believes we can do better will join me in supporting Maggie.”

Senate District 37 is currently occupied by Susan Sosnowski, a Democrat, who has held the seat since 1997.

Maggie Kain plans to run on a platform of economic and social justice to sustain efforts of change where citizens, instead of corporations or lobbyists, are the prominent representation at the State House.

[From a press release]

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Sue Sosnowki, the incumbent, as Chair of the Senate Environment Committee, is almost always an environmental hero, the leading advocate for highway safety, a solid pro-women’s rights voice, and as part of the leadership she influences the leadership team in those directions. She is also the only farmer in the legislature, a voice that should have some representation. So though of course anyone has a right to run against her, I wish progressive resources were targeted towards the many places where such candidates are needed