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The Uprising February 18, 2019



Better late than never, here’s a rundown of stories covered by UpriseRI and other local, independent news sources!

1a. Progressive Democrat’s clean energy plan an “extraordinary roadmap to action”

1b. A short, simple bill that strengthens Rhode Island’s commitment to fighting climate change…

1c. Wholesale Electricity Price Drop Reduces Demand for Fossil Fuels by Tim Faulkner at ecoRI

2a. Young gun violence prevention advocates stage Valentines Not Violence: A Rally for Our Loved Ones

2b. Governor Raimondo and AG Neronha unveil package of gun violence prevention bills

3a. All marriages are equal, but some marriages are more equal than others…

3b. The battle for Marriage Equality in Rhode Island continues

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4. A conversation with Rhode Island Attorney General Neronha

Peter Neronha

5a. Rhode Island State legislative leaders answer business community questions

5b. When one and one doesn’t equal two by Andy Boardman

6. The battle over the JCLS is also about gerrymandering

7. Rhode Island is poised to pass a $1 minimum wage increase and that’s not good enough

8. RI Parentage Act expected to pass the Senate today, still stalled in the House

9. Senate Judiciary passes bill to allow campaign cash to be used for child care

10. The Rhode Island Senate voting record on civil liberties is pretty dismal

11a. Petition against Communion Denial gathers 11,000 Signatures by Will James

11b. Rhode Island Democrats are no true Democrats at all by Caleb Apple

11c. Trump’s Title VI executive order confuses anti-Jewish bigotry with criticism of Israel by Joel Reinstein

11d. Bloomberg Advertisements on Local Television raise Concerns by Will James

11e. There’s no action like job action like no action we know by Peter Nightingale

12a. Rhode Islanders for Parentage Equality cheers unanimous Senate passage of Rhode Island Parentage Act

12b. Open space and core forests are under threat

13. Will the health care industry willingly relinquish its economic power? by Richard Asinof at ConvergenceRI

The conflict between health care as a commodity and as community-driven Health Equity Zones took center stage at a meeting of stakeholders convened by the Rhode Island Foundation to develop a plan of action for its long-term statewide health plan

14. The Bartholomewtown Podcast

15. The College Hill Independent Metro

16. A Win for Earth! by Sister Mary Pendergast

17. Should Journalism address Solutions? by RINewsToday

18. Picture of the Week:

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Steve Ahlquist is Uprise RI's co-founder and lead reporter. He has covered human rights, social justice, progressive politics and environmental news for nearly a decade.