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Rhode Island State house Friday, April 30, 2021



Friday, April 30, 2021

9:30am Revenue and Caseload Estimating Conference

Twice yearly, in the spring and the fall, the conference principals (the State Budget Officer, Senate Fiscal Advisor and House Fiscal Advisor) must reach a consensus on what the state general revenues and caseload expenses are estimated to be for the current fiscal year and the budget year. The General Assembly and the State Budget Office use these projections to prepare the budget. The principals include State Budget Officer Jonathan Womer; House Fiscal Advisor Sharon Reynolds Ferland; and Senate Fiscal Advisor Stephen H. Whitney.

  • United States and Rhode Island economic forecasts – IHS Markit
    • IHS Markit economists Michael Lynch and James Bohnaker
    • Consensus Economic Forecast
  • Lottery Receipts – Department of Revenue, Division of Lottery
    • Mark Furcolo, Director, Division of Lottery
  • Accruals – Accounts and Controls
    • Peter Keenan, State Controller

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