An update and introduction to the all-new UpriseRI.com

Welcome to the all-new UpriseRI.com, our first major overhaul of the website since its founding.

Rhode Island News: An update and introduction to the all-new UpriseRI.com

May 21, 2021, 3:27 pm

By Greg Brailsford

Welcome to the all-new UpriseRI.com, our first major overhaul of the website since its founding. While we did perform some minor overhauls of the site over the past two years, much of it was shuffling around what was already built. The new UpriseRI.com is built from the ground up around what you asked for.

Our redesigned header features a cleaner menu with all easily accessible news categories. A direct search box is now present, replacing the previous need to click a search icon first. We added a weather widget with current conditions and tomorrow’s forecast. The center of the blue header bar (on desktops) is reserved for urgent news bulletins.

On our homepage, the top story now responds better to smaller screens and shows much more of the relevant parts of the photo than before. The secondary top stories are better labeled and now feature small excerpts. Below this, the latest news aggregates the remainder of our most recent stories in an easy to find place for easy browsing. The Editorial and Opinion section, which features some outstanding voices with important viewpoints, is now boosted to its own column. Lastly, and this is the big one – the Upcoming Events section features important events coming up in Rhode Island.

We often receive emails from readers who missed rallies, demonstrations, and community events because they did not know an event was taking place. Our all-new Events Calendar helps to alleviate this by connecting our readers with event organizers from around the state. With this post we are happy to announce that we are now accepting applications from qualified organizations to submit events for inclusion. There is no fee to submit events.

Individual articles have received substantial improvements as well. Titles and excerpts are easier to read, the main image is now clickable to reveal a larger version, and press releases now carry a disclaimer so readers know they are not news stories written by Uprise RI. On desktops, articles now feature a sidebar with the top trending stories and nearest upcoming events.

Each news category has its own page as before with a better layout. Additionally, each page will be customized over time with exclusive features specific to that category. The Editorials page will be the first to receive this treatment. We think you’re going to love it.

If you have feedback about the new design, we would love to hear it.