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Dorcas to provide resettlement services to evacuees from Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands



Kathleen Cloutier

Dorcas International Institute of Rhode Island is inviting evacuees from Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands who feel they can no longer survive post-hurricane conditions to relocate to Rhode Island, says the organization in a press release. The resettlement organization will provide support for evacuees in locating affordable housing, employment, language assistance, quick entry into the public school system, applications for federal and state aid that remains available, and other services to make relocation to Rhode Island as smooth as possible.

“Our organization and its’ Board feel that we have a moral imperative to step in to assist those who have been displaced by crisis—whether that crisis is war or natural disaster,” said Kathleen Cloutier, Executive Director of Dorcas International Institute of Rhode Island. “Despite the anticipated cuts to refugee resettlement programs, there is no question that now is the time to do more, not less, and rise to the challenges that face us. We will not allow our uncertain future to prevent us from doing what is right. We must raise our voices in support of the compassionate, welcoming, and helping values that has made our nation the refuge for so many millions around the world.”

Dorcas International Institute is reaching out to distressed evacuees already on the mainland as well as still on the islands to quick-start their transition to their new home. For more than 95 years Dorcas International Institute of Rhode Island has been serving the community with advocacy and opportunities through refugee resettlement, adult education, employment services, translation, interpretation, US citizenship and immigration services.

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