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Governor McKee unveils his proposed FY 2020 budget and cannabis legalization plan



Rhode Island Governor Daniel McKee today released the following statement on his proposed Fiscal Year 2022 budget:

“Our Fiscal Year 2022 budget proposal addresses the pressing needs posed by the pandemic, none more important than vaccinating the state’s population as quickly and safely as possible. Our proposal lays the foundation for us to equitably support the areas that need it the most in this recovery process: in our education system; in our cities and towns; and in our economy. The pandemic has also magnified many inequities and injustices that predate COVID-19 – our budget looks ahead to address these issues and others that will persist even after the threat of this virus subsides. I vow to work closely with our General Assembly, our leaders in health care, officials from all 39 cities and towns, the small business and nonprofit communities, and all other stakeholders to meet this pivotal moment in our state’s history.”

Read the budget proposal, here. Below are the slides the administration presented to the press at a briefing Thursday afternoon.

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