The biggest pimp is Uncle Sam

The real victims of sex trafficking are sex workers who have endured state-sponsored violence.

Uncle Sam seems to think that some people deserve to live in extreme poverty. Yet sex workers know that sex work puts food on the table and will lift them out of poverty.

Sex workers are being punished because they refuse to conform and allow Uncle Sam to pimp them out for a lower wage and worse working conditions. Meanwhile, uncle, Sam keeps increasing the price sex worker have to pay as far as legal punishment, incarceration, public shaming, discrimination and violence.

Uncle Sam allows law enforcement to use force, fraud and coercion to arrest sex workers. This raid and rescue system allows police officers to fraudulently pose as a client to engage in sexual acts with women, then arrest them for prostitution and seize their wages.

These human rights abuses are sponsored by Uncle Sam, who heavily funds this alliance between carceral feminists community vigilante rescue groups and law enforcement to create trafficking task forces that inflict more harm and punishment on sex workers and further isolates them from their local communities. This carceral state system also removes the rights of sex workers to associate and derails their efforts in organizing and in implementing harm reduction initiatives. It creates more barriers for sex workers to access services, and it removes their access to the justice system if they become a victim of violence or exploitation.

There are no bad women, just bad laws!

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Bella Robinson is a sex worker and activist.

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