RI Atheists celebrate ‘Day of Reason” on May 4th

The Rhode Island Atheists will be celebrating a Day of Reason of Thursday evening with State House projections.

Rhode Island News: RI Atheists celebrate ‘Day of Reason” on May 4th

May 3, 2023, 12:05 pm

By Rhode Island Atheists

On May 4th, as Americans celebrate the “National Day of Prayer,” the members of Rhode Island Atheists invite you – and our elected leaders – to join us in recognizing a “Day of Reason” by celebrating the importance of rational thought for the liberty, advancement, and betterment of all citizens.

First recognized in 2003 by then Governor Lincoln Chafee, the “Day of Reason” highlights the importance of an inclusive secular society which welcomes all regardless of religious or secular beliefs. Declaring a day of reason shows that we are committed to supporting evidence-based solutions for today’s problems. Critical thinking and logical reasoning are vital tools to counter the malignant, divisive rhetoric pervading social media and dividing our country.

To fully recognize the freedoms of speech, thought and conscience for all people, we seek to encourage our lawmakers to critically examine and reject any legislation that attempts to deny rights to people, such as the right to a secular education, the right to an abortion, the respect for LGBTQ+ people and many other pressing issues. The road that leads a diverse society into happiness must have the widest path of freedom. We can, and must, do better.Rhode Island Atheists calls on Governor Daniel McKee and members of the general assembly to mark May 4 as a “Day of Reason” and elevate the use of scientific and rational thought as the most valuable methods for understanding problems, debating issues and making decisions. 

The Rhode Island Atheists will celebrate by projecting on the State House starting around 8pm.