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Uprise RI launches podcast, makes changes to coverage



This week we launched our long-awaited podcast, The Uprising. This new weekly show picks up where Steve Ahlquist’s weekly written recaps, also known as The Uprising, left off – but with a little more bite. The Uprising podcast aims to tackle the week’s most important stories with candid takes from Steve that did not make it to print. Hosted by Uprise RI co-owner and RI Rank Executive Director, Greg Brailsford, the show rotates formats from week to week, with an in-depth focus topic on this Monday’s show and several prominent local guests scheduled for the post-Christmas episode. We promise some fun Easter eggs in each episode. In the first episode, a free ad on the next episode was given away to a local business.

In response to our reader survey, we have also announced changes to the way we cover news moving forward. Now, opinion pieces will be clearly labeled “OpEd:” in the title so readers know immediately that it is an opinion piece, and not a news story. We have retroactively labeled the last two months of opinion pieces in this manner. Additionally, press releases will now be prefixed as “Press Release:” in the title so readers are aware that the article is not a news story, before opening the piece.

“The Reader Survey hit on a number of little things that we were not happy with and have been wanting to modify for a while. This was the right time to do it, and we are happy to provide readers a more clear perspective on the articles they browse. While press releases and opinion pieces have always been labeled atop the articles themselves, this is a much better solution,” said co-owner Greg Brailsford.

Uprise RI also promised more coverage of small business and climate change issues, including steps readers can take to help mitigate and protect their family from the dangers that climate change brings to their doorstep. Brailsford added, “As we enter 2021, we are improving on what we do right, correcting what we don’t get quite right, and working to take our journalism to a new level. Our video coverage going forward will be presented in 1080p with the option to record special events in stunning 4k60 (for our non-tech heads, this means video that is 4x clearer than HD and 2x as smooth) at broadcast quality. Additionally, our website will feature some tweaks over the next few months to make our coverage easier to follow and more fun to browse.”

New equipment purchases and websites upgrades were made possible by generous donations from our readers via Patreon – you made this happen and we are so appreciative. Uprise RI founder Steve Ahlquist added, “Donations are so important and this year our readers helped us pay for an additional reporter, Will James, to cover live protests – sometimes nightly. We were able to acquire equipment that has been invaluable to our video and podcast production. Reader contributions matter quite a bit and have been critical in these times where there are so many important stories and events to cover.”

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Funding for our reporting relies on the generosity of readers like you. Our independence allows us to write stories that hold RI state and local government officials accountable. All of our stories are free and available to everyone. But your support is essential to keeping Steve and Will on the beat, covering the costs of reporting many stories in a single day. If you are able to, please support Uprise RI. Every contribution, big or small is so valuable to us. You provide the motivation and financial support to keep doing what we do. Thank you.

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The Uprising podcast airs Mondays at 11am on our Podcasts page and on our Youtube channel.

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