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Laufton Ascencao running for house District 68 in Bristol/Warren



Laufton Ascencao announced his candidacy for State Representative in House District 68 – Bristol/Warren.

“I was born in Bristol, and I love the East Bay,” said Ascencao, “I’m running for State Representative because our community deserves a representative who will fight for all of us. I’ve helped lead campaigns to raise wages, invest in clean energy, pass common sense gun reform, and to hold elected officials accountable. I led these fights because I knew they were the right thing to do. I’ll work hard to make sure that the needs of our community are always front and center and that every family has a fair shot.

Ascencao cited his strong family roots in the district as pivotal in his decision to run for office. “My family has been proud to call this town home since they immigrated here from Madeira” he said. “This community has supported me my whole life and more than anything I want to give back. People feel like the State House is ignoring them. Families are struggling and we aren’t passing the policies needed to ensure all Rhode Islanders have a chance at success. The effects of climate change are obvious every time we have a storm, yet we aren’t doing enough to protect people’s livelihoods, homes, and families. We have attacks coming out of Washington every week and the State House won’t even protect women’s right to control her own body. We need our elected officials to step up.

Ascencao says his experiences give him the right perspective to represent working families in the district. “We never had much growing up. I came home more than a few times to a yellow tag around the door knob and light switches that no longer worked. My family did absolutely everything we were supposed to do to earn a living and still we struggled. We were always one bad month away from losing everything. I was walking myself home from school by age six. Cooking my own meals by eight. Working a full time job by the time I was twelve.” He continued, “There are are a lot of families living like that right now. It’s our responsibility to do everything we can to change that. That’s why I’ve committed my life to fighting for working families, and that’s why I’m running.”

Ascencao’s candidacy was greeted with excitement across the district. Rob Hancock, a Bristol resident said, “I am so glad Laufton is running for State Representative. Our district is full of families who work hard everyday and we need a representative will work just as hard for us. Laufton listens to what families need and fights for us. I can’t tell you the number of times he’s welcomed us into his home, volunteered for hours, and just worked hard to improve our community. I know that he has the integrity and energy to bring our voice to the State House.”

Susan Rotblat Walker is also excited. “Laufton just gets it.” she said. “He has never been afraid to stand up for what’s right. He’s held politicians accountable. He’s already made such a difference working on issues at the State House. I know he won’t forget us once he gets up there because he’s spent his whole life fighting for the things we believe in.”

Ascencao lives on Bradford Street in Bristol. Laufton has been a leader at the State House fighting to make renewable energy more affordable, pass common sense gun control, and most prominently last session’s campaign to ensure all Rhode Islanders have a chance to earn paid sick days. He is an alumnus of the University of Pittsburgh and has worked on numerous campaigns of Democratic Officials including President Obama’s re-election. He makes the majority of his living split between work in the renewable energy sector and diving for quahogs.

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