The Womxn Project: No more delays on the RHCA. The time is now.

Statement by The Womxn Project on the Reproductive Health Care Act (RHCA) (H5127) hearing in the Rhode Island House of Representatives:

“Rhode Island women are tired of waiting. We have been working for decades to advance legislation to make sure that no matter what happens at the federal level that women in our state know they will have the right to seek an abortion

“We are not content to watch our rights be trampled on or taken away at the federal level or ignored in our own state. This bill is a necessary and powerful challenge to the hundreds of new restrictions on abortion we have seen across the country in recent years. This bill stands as a clear rejection of the Trump-Pence agenda to undermine women’s rights and withhold the right to make our own decisions

“Advocates from across the state will join us for the hearing to make their voices heard in support of the RHCA – no substitutes or weaker versions. The RHCA is the strong, well-crafted policy. We oppose the Reproductive Privacy Act (H5125). It does not truly ensure that people have the right to make their own decisions. It is an unacceptable compromise. We must also push back on the other legislation that will be heard – attempts to use trumped up rhetoric to push restrictions that push care out of reach.

“We will be at the hearing to represent the 71 percent of Rhode Island voters who want to see this bill enacted. We will stand with the 39 sponsors in the House and with our governor who has stated her support for codifying the protections under Roe v Wade.

“Let’s be frank. A majority of the House members want this bill. Our governor wants this bill. Voter want this bill. And most important, the women of Rhode Island need this bill. We do not want to sit back and wait to see if the Supreme Court continues to protect this important right. We deserve more than a waiting game where our rights and our health are on the line. No more delays. The time is now.”

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