All the video from the DEM hearing on proposed pyrolysis medical waste to energy facility

All the testimony from the RI Department of Environmental Management’s hearing on the proposed pyrolysis medical waste to energy facility.
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Published on March 16, 2021
By Steve Ahlquist

In all 57 people testified on Monday evening during the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (DEM) public hearing on the proposed MedRecyclerRI medical waste to energy pyrolysis facility aimed at a West Warwick / East Greenwich suburb in Kent county Rhode Island. Only three people testified in favor of the proposal, and they seemed to be in some way connected to the facility economically. The rest, including residents, elected official and environmental activists, opposed the plan, and took issue with the way West Warwick city officials, DEM and Rhode Island State officials seemed to be cutting corners in an effort to fast track the facility.

Those opposed to the facility were not just opposed to building it in their neighborhood, they opposed building the facility anywhere in our state.

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Below is all the testimony:

Representative Justine Caldwell (Democrat, District 30, East Greenwich):

Senator Bridget Valverde (District 35, North Kingstown, Narragansett)

East Greenwich Town Council President Mark Schwager:

East Greenwich Town Councilor Renu Englehart:

East Greenwich Town Council Assistant Town Solicitor:

Kevin Budris with Conservation Law Foundation (CLF):

Joe Walsh, representing union workers interests in building the facility, testified in favor:

Rick Carlone is an engineer opposed to proposed @MedRecyclerRI facility:

Dr Hina Khan is an oncologist opposed to proposed MedRecyclerRI facility:

Some East Greenwich residents retained private attorneys to oppose the facility. This is great, but it’s a privilege not available to the poorer residents of our state who are often burdened with these kinds of projects with little recourse. Think of the Washington Park residents by the Port of Providence, for instance.

MedRecyclerRI CEO Nicholas Campanella testified in favor of his proposal:

Jerry Petros owns the business that would be right next door to the proposed pyrolysis facility, separated only by a wall, and he is concerned about the health of his employees and is opposed to the plant. Due to technical difficulties UpriseRI lost some of his video.

Another private attorney:

Environmentalist Greg Gerritt noted that the Environmental Council of Rhode Island (ECRI), a coalition of every environmental advocacy group in Rhode Island, is opposed to the facility:

I spoke with Denise Lopez, testifying against the facility below, here:

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