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ICE detaining single mother and political activist Siham Byah, rally planned in Boston



Siham Byah

United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has taken political activist Siham Byah into custody. Byah is a 40-year old single mother, her son is eight years old and an American citizen. She is a resident of Nahant, Massachusetts. Her attorney, Matt Cameron, has confirmed that ICE intends to deport Byah to Morocco. According to Danny McDonald at the Boston Globe,

“Cameron said a deportation order was issued against Byah in the mid-2000s. Since that time, she has applied for stays of removal from the country. As part of that process, she has checked in, usually on an annual basis, with local ICE authorities. In the past, federal authorities have granted her requests for stays formally or simply told her to check in again the following year, Cameron said.

“Tuesday, that changed.

“When Byah reported to ICE’s office in Burlington, she was taken into custody, Cameron said.”

Byah was transferred to an ICE holding facility in Dartmouth, Massachusetts.

Activists throughout New England have called for Byah to be released. They are asking that people call ICE at 781-359-7500. “Press 4#, and tell the desk officer that you’re calling to ask for Siham Byah (pronounced ‘Cee-haum Bi-yuh’) to be released back to the community.”

Activists also suggest calling Byam’s senators:

Elizabeth Warren: (617) 565-3170
Ed Markey: (617) 565-8519

A petition for her release can be found here.

A rally is planned tomorrow outside the JFK Federal Building at Government Center/City Hall Plaza in Boston, Massachusetts from 5:30-7pm on Wednesday, November 8.

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