RI General Assembly 2022 Overall Rankings

An easy to understand ranking of RI state legislators based on their voting record and constituent outreach.

Ranking the Legislators

The 2022 legislative session has concluded, and we continue our mission of enforcing accountability to voters from our elected officials. By providing information about their votes and outreach that is easy to understand and act upon, voters are equipped to make smart decisions on election day. This year featured several prominent bills, but the most far-reaching were the Redistricting bills (H-7323A, S-2162A) that aimed to redraw the areas of the state that each member of the GA represents, and is done only once every 10 years. Brimming with controversy and corruption, the bill was nonetheless supported by 90% of the General Assembly. This cost legislators severely both in the Open Government category and in their overall score. We highlight this bill in particular as an example of why we feel our work is important: taking into account legislator speeches, campaign promises, and their personal reputation - most legislators still voted for a bill that was openly corrupt and benefitted them directly. Local news did not cover the redistricting bills in this manner, leaving voters in the dark on what was a controversial committee that led a very controversial process. Those few legislators that took a stand and refused to support the bill benefitted significantly, with five of them achieving the Top 3 ranking in their respective chamber. The redistricting bills speak to our mission loud and clear: support those legislators that act in voters' interests and shine light on those that do not. 

Each year we carefully work to improve the accuracy and fairness of our rankings, and for 2022 we combined social media and public meetings into a single category, Constituent Outreach (though both of those segments score similarly to what they have in the past). This year highlighted how critical good leadership is to passing legislation that voters want. Based on this added importance, a member's Leadership Vote now counts for 10% of their overall score, up from 5% last year. Additionally, criteria was tightened for social media profiles and posting recency. For voting record metrics, we continued to rely on three organizations with a long, non-partisan history of fighting for the public good. Our Civil Rights Voting Record metric is based entirely on a legislator's votes in comparison to the RI ACLU's position. This metric makes up the largest portion of each member's score (25%) because civil liberties are a critical component of our lives, dictating our freedoms and rights as RI residents. It is also given extra weight because it encompasses a majority of the bills voted on by the General Assembly, creating a large sample size. The Open Government Voting Record metric is based on the legislator's votes on bills related to government transparency, ethics, and voting as highlighted by RI Common Cause and the RI ACLU, and encompasses 20% of the legislator's score. Lastly, our Environmental Voting Record metric rates legislators based on their votes as they compared to the Environmental Council of RI's position. This metric has increasing importance as we enter the critical phase of our climate emergency, and represents 20% of a legislator's score. 

Voters in our surveys continue to stress the importance of constituent outreach, from important announcements and interactions via social media to in-person public meetings To reflect this, the two metrics used to define constituent outreach together make up 25% of the legislator's score. Constituent Outreach measures how engaged members of the General Assembly are with constituents on Facebook, Twitter, their official website, and in public meetings. Lastly, the Leadership Vote is based on their vote for Speaker or Senate President at the beginning of each 2-year session (2021, 2023, etc). How each member voted for leadership speaks volumes on where their loyalties lie and how those loyalties will impact the ability for the chamber to pass good legislation.

Our rankings do not measure every aspect and every category of legislation the General Assembly considers, but we believe the metrics we utilize paint a clear and accurate picture of the legislator's work towards enacting laws that benefit the public good and staying in tune with their constituents.

Editor's Note

RI Rank is the culmination of years of work developing a system that easily and quickly defines legislators to their voters. Our utmost goal is to improve the quality of the General Assembly - pushing legislators to better understand the bills they vote on and keep in better touch with constituents. We strive to ensure our rankings are accurate and free of bias towards any ideology or party. We do not show legislator party affiliation - we exist to motivate each legislator to be better, and prop up those that are doing a great job, regardless of their political party. Our rankings are not based on our opinion of the legislator, but their real actions as a member of the General Assembly. RI Rank's metrics do not cover every aspect of a legislator's job including their work in the district and their influence over leadership, but we believe our Overall Rankings accurately portray the best (and worst) the General Assembly has to offer. We carefully review our metrics each year to improve on the information voters have to make the best decision they can on election day. To further our commitment to supporting the best legislators, this year we are presenting Top 3 winner badges only to those with "Excellent" overall scores.

To have the largest possible impact and paint the most accurate picture of each legislator, RI Rank will be moving to an election-year only cycle, with rankings encompassing the full 2-year session of bills. Our next release will be in August, 2024. We would like to thank the following people for their time and efforts in helping to make RI Rank a valuable resource for voters: Steve Ahlquist for his work in gathering and painstakingly tallying unpublished committee votes from various sources, including his speedy APRA requests. Larry Berman for his very speedy and accurate responses to our APRA requests. Stacy Saythany and Taylor Fleeman for their outstanding software that automated the process of vote counting and pulling data from the state legislative website. Ryan Laughlin for his bill tracking software and assistance with vote gathering. Renee DeWolf for her expert data analysis and scoring methodology. And, all of our volunteers who have helped in one way or another over the past 3 years.

Overall Rankings - Senate


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Excellent OK Poor Mouseover/tap column headings for description

1Calkin, J30286.5881009165100591[email protected](401) 921-6682
2Bell, S5385.3947095751002121[email protected](401) 680-0725
3Mack, T6278.1647891731006991[email protected](401) 288-1288
4Mendes, C18271.186788528100101X[email protected](401) 688-0399
5Anderson, K31266.97144895010060X[email protected](401) 287-2809
6DiMario, A36266.283336365100445- [email protected](401) 626-2405
7Murray, M24364.57942883510097-[email protected](401) 276-5599
8Zurier, S3963.7675592301000X[email protected](401) 276-5568
9Valverde, B35363.682337645100276-[email protected](401) 276-5589
10de la Cruz, J23362.157484180100221-[email protected](401) 222-2708
11Cano, S8461.661427750100230-[email protected](401) 276-5561
12Acosta, J16260.7734592201000-[email protected](401) 305-0545
13McCaffrey, M29276080257540100384X[email protected](401) 739-7576
14Lawson, V14358.4823068331001991[email protected](401) 276-5561
15Goodwin, M13558.1794578151004271[email protected](401) 276-5507
16Kallman, M152586433674810092-[email protected](401) 648-9422
17DiPalma, L121357.85842773810039-[email protected](401) 847-8540
18Sosnowski, S372557.273458115100270-[email protected](401) 783-7704
19Seveney, J115565838882510025X[email protected](401) 276-5581
20Pearson, R19955.9734583810022-[email protected](401) 276-5584
20Miller, J281555.98333642310056-[email protected](401) 276-5568
22Algiere, D382955.769756701000X[email protected](401) 222-2708
23Gallo, H272354.96530822510079-[email protected](401) 276-5563
24Ciccone, F71954.269337918100581[email protected](401) 275-0949
25Morgan, E347536256502510049-[email protected](401) 222-2708
26Felag, W102352.2714280010086-[email protected](401) 245-7521
27Euer, D13551.35626693310031-[email protected](401) 276-5589
28Burke, J9951.1522673331001381[email protected](401) 374-4721
29Picard, R201349593388010012-[email protected](401) 769-4902
30Lombardi, F26947.650307318100302[email protected](401) 453-3900
31Ruggerio, D43747.553315528100171[email protected](401) 222-6655
32Quezada, A2547.251199381001-[email protected](401) 255-0345
33Paolino, T175475064421310076-[email protected](401) 222-2708
34Raptakis, L33946.24328642810011-[email protected](401) 276-5567
35Coyne, C32745.25426601810038X[email protected](401) 276-5583
36Archambault, S22944.654194930100328X[email protected](401) 276-5589
37Lombardo, F251143.65922720100291[email protected](401) 270-1379
38Rogers, G21337.1494232010001[email protected](401) 222-2708

Overall Rankings - House of Representatives


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Excellent OK Poor Mouseover/tap column headings for description

1Morales, D7274.6715786731000-[email protected](401) 480-1322
2Henries, B64263.1656792201001012[email protected](401) 433-9557
3Kislak, R4361731793830683-[email protected](401) 400-2338
4Place, D473596186294310014-[email protected](401) 286-2088
5McGaw, M71257.667297540100585-[email protected](401) 250-3571
6Cassar, L66355.450171003810091X[email protected](401) 433-9539
7Alzate, K60349.66314806000-[email protected](401) 663-5600
8Blazejewski, C21149.27511100330121[email protected](401) 222-2447
9Donovan, S69548.6671786450460-[email protected](401) 253-7837
10Cortvriend, T72348.5711768550548-[email protected](401) 472-4789
11Ackerman, M45947.364151003300-[email protected](401) 658-0981
12Solomon, Jr., J22747751768450521[email protected](401) 308-3904
13Diaz, G111746.3581763231008351[email protected](401) 575-3641
14Potter, B16245.86717684802221[email protected](401) 400-2276
14Tanzi, T341145.8672263480227-[email protected](401) 527-9468
16Felix, L61245.2422072650339-[email protected](401) 365-4182
17McNamara, J192744.76533931303911[email protected](401) 941-8319
18Handy, A181944.465177031000-[email protected](401) 785-8996
19Casimiro, J3154364149223031[email protected](401) 474-7961
20Kazarian, K63942.6691459430100-[email protected](401) 438-1718
21Carson, L75742.3651763400104-[email protected](401) 222-2466
22Shalcross Smith, M46242.26717604000-[email protected](401) 727-8982
23Filippi, B36742.1471722501000X[email protected](401) 222-2466
24Azzinaro, S371341.360179218053-[email protected](401) 596-1434
25Roberts, S29741.23171212010025-[email protected](401) 222-2259
26Newberry, B481340.4531325381000-[email protected](401) 222-2259
27Shanley, E24540.353187633030-[email protected](401) 440-3493
28Caldwell, J30340.250146845018-[email protected](401) 212-7320
29Fenton-Fung, B15239.740671513100601[email protected](401) 578-8419
30Amore, G65938.968177613001[email protected](401) 339-9378
30Speakman, J68338.9641459330154-[email protected](401) 258-1134
32Biah, N3238.664179230126-[email protected](401) 241-9391
32Knight, J67538.6462365380105-[email protected](617) 943-6532
34Giraldo, J56338.55617931000-[email protected](401) 312-4437
35Price, J39737.925712113100381[email protected](401) 222-2259
36Fellela, D431537.7441710013050-[email protected](401) 231-2014
37Baginski, J17237.46218503300-[email protected](401) 241-4480
37Ruggiero, D741337.471178100388X[email protected](401) 423-0444
39Perez, R13237.242507750182-[email protected](401) 301-6599
40Lombardi, J8937391788250136-[email protected](401) 404-4700
41Quattrocchi, R41536.84750195100163-[email protected](401) 764-5143
42Abney, M73936.265175423026-[email protected](401) 487-1380
43Ranglin-Vassell, M5535.462027580354X[email protected](401) 339-6598
44Ajello, E12934.74428741306-[email protected](401) 274-7078
45Williams, A92934.35914711004762[email protected](401) 272-8135
46Chippendale, M401134.238171930100181-[email protected](401) 497-4495
47Fogarty, K35734.169146080453-[email protected](401) 222-2466
48Edwards, J701333.759145223033-[email protected](401) 624-8879
49Kennedy, B383333.467156800332-[email protected](401) 377-8818
50Messier, M621333.25917750001[email protected](401) 728-1682
51McEntee, C33633.1441465250167-[email protected](401) 222-4435
52Hull, R61133621352180751[email protected](401) 272-4026
52O'Brien, W5493356174923011-[email protected](401) 440-4063
54Nardone, G28332.95281918100120-[email protected](401) 821-2360
54McLaughlin, J571132.96233540001[email protected](401) 741-1834
56Serpa, P271532.758176480311-[email protected](401) 828-5687
57Marszalkowski, A52531.76317593083-[email protected](401) 714-4425
58Morgan, P26231.3211774510037-[email protected](401) 862-3040
59Barros, J59731.36414501001141[email protected](401) 222-2466
60Batista, J12230.936147318092-[email protected](401) 533-2226
61Bennett, D201130.842146518017-[email protected](401) 480-4647
62Shekarchi, J23930.545154628001[email protected](401) 222-2466
63Craven, R32929.640063280321[email protected](401) 294-2222
64Lima, C142929.5580713002[email protected](401) 222-2466
65Cardillo, E42229.1530790072[email protected](401) 215-8836
66Hawkins, B53328.956174510016-[email protected](401) 837-7141
67Vella-Wilkinson, C21527.7381452200651[email protected](401) 952-7340
68Phillips, R511126.86005530221[email protected](401) 762-2010
69Corvese, A552326.73713740001[email protected](401) 353-8695
70Slater, S101326601738000-[email protected](401) 741-7641
71Casey, S50925.553055500-[email protected](508) 942-0484
72Noret, T25321.74214383017-[email protected](401) 641-0813
73Lima, S49211.52501013094X[email protected](508) 328-1298
74Tobon, C5874.7001110067X[email protected](401) 222-2466
75Costantino, G4494.317000002[email protected](401) 426-0284

How We Rank

Score is the cumulative total of the legislator's scores in all metrics divided by their scoring weight. Voting records represent 65% of their total score and are broken down as follows - Civil Rights Voting Record: 25%, Open Government Voting Record: 20%, Environmental Voting Record: 20%. Constituent Outreach represents 25% of their total score with Social Media Outreach counting for 15% and Public Meetings counting for 10%. Lastly, the member's vote for leadership counts for 10% of their overall score. The highest possible score is 110.

Civil Rights Voting Record is the cumulative total of the legislator's floor and committee votes that supported the ACLU position divided by the total number of votes the member could have participated in (committee votes were counted unless the member was absent), calculated as a percentage (0-100). Source: RI ACLU 2022 Legislative Agenda.

Open Government Voting Record is the cumulative total of the legislator's floor and committee votes that supported the Common Cause or RI ACLU position divided by the total number of votes the member could have participated in (committee votes were counted unless the member was absent), calculated as a percentage (0-100). Source: Common Cause RI 2022 official lobbying report, RI ACLU 2022 Legislative Agenda..

Environmental Voting Record is the cumulative total of the legislator's floor and committee votes that supported the Environmental Council of RI position divided by the total number of votes the member could have participated in (committee votes were counted unless the member was absent), calculated as a percentage (0-100). Source: Environmental Council of RI 2022 Legislative Agenda.

Constituent Outreach is the cumulative average of points awarded, scaled to 100. For the social media portion, legislators received points for having proper information in their Facebook and Twitter profiles, and points if these profiles/pages were actively used for political purposes over the past 3 months. Additional points were awarded for members who responded to set thresholds of comments to their posts. Additionally, points were awarded for having a political website that can easily be found on Google, with proper information displayed, and a newsletter signup. Lastly, members scored points for holding public meetings with constituents in which they took questions. For complete Constituent Outreach scoring rules, see our Constituent Outreach Rankings. Source: Legislator Facebook pages, Twitter profiles, websites, and our email survey.

Leadership Vote is scored based on how the member voted for either House Speaker or Senate President at the beginning of the session in 2021. If there was a leadership nominee who scored "Excellent" overall in our 2020 Rankings (there were none), members who voted for this person received a score of 200 for this metric, and 0 if they did not (including abstaining). If there was a nominee who scored "Poor" overall in our 2020 Rankings, members received a score of 0 if they voted for that person, and at least 100 points if they did not (including abstaining). If there were no "Excellent" scored nominees running for leadership (only "OK" and/or "Poor" nominees), members receive a score of 100 for this metric whether they voted for a nominee with an "OK" overall score or abstained. This score carries for two years. Source: Official vote tallies from each chamber.

Election Strength is informational only and plays no part in the overall score. This metric measures how competitive a legislator's past elections (2016-2020) have been and their margin of victory when opposed. Higher numbers indicate greater margins of victory, especially in recent races. Lower scores indicate uncontested elections and/or low margins of victory. This figure will be updated after the 2022 election.

Primary Election Opponent is informational only and plays no part in the overall score. This indicates how many publicly declared opponents the incumbent has in the 2022 primary election. A black box indicates the member is not running for re-election. A dash indicates they have no primary opponent.

For detailed metrics on each segment and full details of our methodology, visit the Rankings page