What is RI Rank?

We rank Rhode Island legislators based on voting records from non-partisan organizations, voter surveys, and our own independent tests and provide that information to you in a way that is easy to understand and act upon.

Use RI Rank to see how your effective your local legislators are at representing your rights and listening to your concerns.


What Do We Rank?

Floor Votes 

Votes on bills highlighted by non-partisan organizations including the RI ACLU, Common Cause, and the Environmental Council of RI, in addition to marquee bills highlighted by RI Rank in which a position is scientically proven or universally understood to be in the public good.

Committee Votes

Committee votes against the public good position for highlighted bills receive more weight than floor votes, since committee members are essentially killing off bills without non-members to the committee having a chance to voice their constituent's concerns.

Constituent Relations

We measure response times by phone and email for contituent to GA member contacts. Constituents report on both response time, helpfulness, and whether the way they were treated impacted their future vote for this member. These surveys are collected year round.

Social Media Outreach

As the dominant avenue in which elected officials communicate with their constituents, we measure each member's use of social media: having proper pages/profiles, posting to them regularly, and most importantly, responding to comments that warrant a reply.

Election Strength

We measure and evaluate victory margins (and instances where they were unopposed) of all GA members over their last three elections, where possible, to quantify how easy or difficult it may be to hold their seat in a future primary or general election.

Public Meetings

Are your legislators putting themselves out there in public for question and comment? We survey members of the General Assembly to track those that hold public meetings for their constituents and those that avoid voters.