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Regunberg picks up three early environmental group endorsements in Lieutenant Governor bid



A year out from the elections in 2018 finds State Representative Aaron Regunberg (Democrat, District 4, Providence) scoring three endorsements from Rhode Island area environmental groups in support of his run for the office of Lieutenant Governor. The Rhode Island Chapter of Sierra Club, Clean Water Action, and 350 RI came out in strong support of Regunberg, choosing him over Democrat and incumbent Daniel McKee, who has recently announced his intention to  run for reelection.

“Clean Water Action very rarely makes endorsements this early,” said John Berard, the Rhode Island director of Clean Water Action. “This speaks to how excited we are about Aaron’s candidacy, and how confident we are that Aaron will be effective and principled in using the Lieutenant Governor’s office to fight for clean water and clean air for all Rhode Island families.”

“Big polluters and fossil fuel companies pay expensive lobbyists to try to get their way in the State House,” said James Restivo, the Political Director of the Rhode Island Chapter of Sierra Club. “Sierra Club enthusiastically endorses Aaron Regunberg for Lieutenant Governor because our communities need a strong voice standing up for a clean energy future. Aaron has passed legislation putting Rhode Islanders to work expanding wind and solar energy, and we know he will continue to lead these critical fights.”

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“Our future is on the line,” said Alexandra Duryea from 350 RI. “And with climate-deniers running Washington, it’s never been more important to have champions like Aaron fighting for bold action at the state level.”

“With the support of Sierra Club, Clean Water Action, and 350 RI, our campaign will fight for a future that is fair for all of us,” said Regunberg. “Fighting climate change is a moral necessity. It’s also an incredible economic opportunity for our state, and as Lieutenant Governor I will bring people together to pass a Green New Deal that can put thousands of Rhode Islanders to work transitioning our economy to 100 percent clean energy.”

James Restivo

Alexandra Duryea