Democrats in Name Only stage attacks on reproductive rights at the State House

Arthur Corvese
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2017 was The Year of Naming Names.

Arthur J. Corvese

As it turns out, so is 2018.

You would think, after witnessing the massive blue wave of backlash against sexual harassment and assault, Rhode Island General Assemblymen would know better than to introduce House Bill H7026. This garbage bill seeks to tell pregnant Rhode Islanders which kinds of abortions they CANNOT have unless old white men say it’s okay.

And yet, “Democrat” Representative Arthur J. Corvese (District 55, North Providence) gleefully introduced H7026 yesterday.And “Democrat” Representatives Samuel A. Azzinaro (District 37, Westerly), Stephen R. Ucci (District 42, Johnston), William W. O’Brien (District 54, North Providence), and Gregory J. Costantino (District 44, Lincoln) cosponsored H7026. Yesterday.

Tell me: Is our state truly Blue if so many of our Democrats act like Republicans?

Stephen R. Ucci

The Republican Party proves, hourly, that it is the party of persecution: of women, of children, of every human not white enough, not straight enough, not rich enough. It’s the party of us versus them, of oppression, of creating two classes: the shockingly-rich few, and the desperately-poor everyone-else. Republicans repress, exploit, and abuse. Who knows why, and who cares? I am not your therapist, Republicans. Find a way to work out your mommy issues without nuking our planet. In the meantime, get your boot off my neck.

The Democratic Party, on the other hand, is supposed to be the party of empathy. Of coming together despite differences. Of recognizing that we don’t know everything. Of committing to learning. Of actively listening, passing the mic, working hard to understand, and through our actions, decreasing human suffering. (P.S. We believe humans with uteri qualify as humans, and that litmus test is non-negotiable.)

But DINOs (Democrats In Name Only) pollute our Party. They remind us: just because a man checks the “Democrat” box on a form, does NOT mean he’s a Democrat. As evidenced by H7026.

William W. O’Brien

I don’t see how Corvese, Azzinaro, Ucci, O’Brien, or Costantino can claim to be Democrats today. Not after cosponsoring legislation that demeans and endangers 550,000 Rhode Islanders.

Can DINOs minds be changed? Who cares? There’s no reason for us to keep them on the payroll while we wait for their personal epiphanies. The longer DINOs stay in office, the more harm they’ll do.

If you’re listening, DINOs, here are two final things to note:

  1. We resent the patriarchy telling us which kinds of abortions we can have. Stay OUT of our medical decisions.
  2. Thanks to your daily attacks on women, plus the hourly attacks from the White House, we’re out of faith that you will ever listen, we’re out of patience, and you’re out of time.

See you at the Statewide Primaries on Wednesday, September 12, 2018, DINOs.

Gregory J. Costantino

To let the Representatives know what you think of them backing H7026:

Representative Samuel A. Azzinaro
20 Piezzo Drive, Westerly RI 02891
(401) 596-1434

Representative Arthur J. Corvese
234 Lexington Avenue, North Providence RI 02904
(401) 353-8695

Representative Gregory J. Costantino
21 Greenwood Lane, Lincoln RI 02865
(401) 426-0284

Samuel A. Azzinaro

Representativev William W. O’Brien
626 Smithfield Road #806, North Providence RI 02904
(401) 440-4063

Representative Stephen R. Ucci
12 East Scenic View Drive, Johnston RI 02919
(401) 934-2121

To keep watch on the latest Rhode Island bills, visit

To register to vote in Rhode Island, visit

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Melanie DuPont is a Smithfield native, technical writer, and filmmaker who ran for RI State Senate in 2018.


  1. Thanks for your comments, everyone. If you’d like to call your Representatives and fellow Rhode Islanders to warn them about H7026, and maybe meet some new activists (or reconnect with friends!), please join the upcoming Dinner and Dials on Thursday – either from your own home or office, or, from a lovely home in Wakefield where there will be soup and activists! RSVP at and follow The Woman Project at .

  2. The Democratic party has never really been a force for progressive change. It conitnues to be a party of war and has never really understood how healing ecosystems is both good for communities and the path to ending poverty. Reproductive rights is the prime example of religion being a club used to keep all of us under lock and key. Glad you called out the patriarchy.

  3. It’s time that Democrats follow the planks of the national and state Democratic platforms, not to mention the law of the land. This bill must not pass, and it is the job of every pro-choice reader to let these men know that this will not fly.

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