Fall River residents and environmental allies protested the water deal between Invenergy, the Chicago-based company that wants to build a $1 billion fracked gas and diesel oil burning power plant in the pristine forests of north western Rhode Island, and the City of Fall River in Massachusetts. The agreement between Fall River and Benn Water, the company Invenergy has tasked with trucking water from Fall River to Burrillville, was agreed to without the knowledge of the Fall River City Council or city residents.

Collin Dias, a 17-year old student who goes to Bishop Connolly High School in Fall River, held the protest outside the Fall River Government Center.

“I had this rally today because I am a very unhappy and concerned citizen,” said Dias. “After doing my research about this bad water deal and what’s going on with Invenergy and everything in Rhode Island I believe that it’s in the best interest that the City [of Fall River] stops this deal…

“We should not be known as the city that backs big corporations and power plants like the one in Rhode Island… We need to be known as the city that stands up for the environment.”


Fall River identified as Invenergy’s backup water source

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Fall River City Council continues to investigate water deal with Invenergy

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Archbald Energy Partners LLC Facebook Page has some of the propaganda that Invenergy has used over the years. This page deals with a smaller 485 megawatt plant not by Invenergy, but also provides information on the massive 1.5 gigawatt plant in Jessup, PA. Pictures of the yellowish smoke during startup of Unit One on Google Maps at Jessup, PA. Watch for:

Changes in zoning on noise levels and land use

Host Agreements that fail to include public comment and school districts

Failure to define baseline conditions of water and air. Note that screenshots state Invenergy clamied the air and surface water would improve.

Former bureaucratic hacks that use pressure to get their way.

We leared in Jessup area, contact us for other details.