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Elorza statement on Lilian Calderon



Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza issued the following statement with regard to the case of Lilian Calderon.

“The case of Lilian Calderon, who has been here since she was three years old, who grew up in our city, and who graduated from our public schools, is a sad reminder of how wrongheaded our immigration policy is. Unfortunately, a mother and wife to US citizens may not see her family again after trusting the federal government, following the rules, and attempting to become a citizen through the legal process. Our focus should be on supporting families, not breaking them apart. I have spoken to her family and told them that we stand in support of them and will do whatever we can to help the family be together again. I will continue to advocate for a change to immigration laws and policies so that cases like this never happen again.”

AMOR has a petition in support of Lilian Calderon.

Here’s a fundraiser for Lilian Calderon’s legal defense costs:

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