United States Senator Sheldon Whitehouse‘s decision to support the passage of the largest military budget in history ($696 Billion) brought demonstrators outside his office from 3:30 to 5pm on Monday. 12 people held signs at all four corners of Westminster and Dorrance Street in downtown Providence.

“Whitehouse and [Senator Jack] Reed did not support Rand Paul‘s motion to have a vote on whether our wars in multiple countries there are properly authorized,” wrote organizers Jonathan Daly-LaBelle and David Oppenheimer. “What are their views, what limitations will they seek, as Congress considers action on the stretched beyond credibility 2001 and 2002 Authorized Use of Military Force Resoluton? How about [Representatives James] Langevin and [David] Cicilline – are they for unchecked war across the globe?”

Five people entered Senator Whitehouse’s office hoping to meet with him or one of the staff. They were told that no one was available to speak with them and that they could leave a note if they liked.

David Oppenheimer
Patricia Fontes
Mary Pendergast
Michael Russo

Jonathan Daly-LaBelle and Jeff Johnson

Don Rhodes; Randall Rose speaks to passersby

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