Yesterday marked the deadline that President Donald Trump gave Congress to create a legislative solution for those temporarily spared from deportation under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Tomorrow the the Latino Policy Institute at Roger Williams University will host a Facebook Live event with RWU President Donald J. Farish and Rhode Island DREAMers. The conversation will be streamed on the Roger Williams University Facebook page at noon Tuesday, March 6. The public is encouraged to join and ask questions during the stream.

“In 2012, our government promised to protect individuals who signed up for DACA,” said Farish. “We are now threatening to break our word by withdrawing that protection. As a nation known for keeping its promises, failing to do so in this case would not only cause unnecessary grief and hardship to many young people and their families, but it would also damage our reputation around the world.”

Gabriela Domenzain

“President Trump’s arbitrary and cruel March 5 deadline for Congress to pass a permanent solution for DREAMers and DACA recipients, expires today,” said Gabriela Domenzain, director of the Latino Policy Institute. “Congress has failed to act on behalf of DREAMers and the 86 percent of the American public that agrees they should thrive in the country and communities they belong to and love. And while bipartisan legislation to address this inhumane crisis exists, it is languishing in Congress.

“Thousands of DACA recipients have already lost the assurance that they will wake up in their beds and not in an immigrant detention cell, and every day that passes this manufactured humanitarian crisis hurts more and more of us. We must deal with the reality that hundreds of Rhode Islanders raised in our schools and communities, are now losing their ability to work, study, drive and contribute to their state. We must do all we can to help soften the blow of the anti-immigrant policies and tantrums of the current administration.

“Our immigration system is inhumane and archaic and this week is a devastating one for those our country raised to believe they could achieve anything they set their minds to,” continued Domenzain. “Today, we must reach out to our friends and neighbors who are victims of our broken immigration system, listen to them and show them our support and love.”

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