Rhode Island has the distinction of being the most religious state in New England, where 32 percent identify as “very religious,” and 39 percent who identify as “not religious.” An additional 29 percent in Rhode Island identify as “moderately religious.”

A new Gallup poll rates New England as the least religious region in the United States, with only 26 percent of those polled identifying as “very religious.”

Gallup classifies Americans into three categories:

  • Very religious Americans say religion is important to them, and they attend religious services weekly or almost weekly.
  • Moderately religious Americans either say religion is important to them, or they attend services almost weekly or more often.
  • Nonreligious Americans say religion is not important to them, and they seldom or never attend services.

According to Gallup,

“New England is home to the four states least likely to have residents who are very religious — Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Three of these (New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont) are the only United States states with majorities who are not religious.

“Even in this region, Vermont stands out. It has had the lowest percentage of residents who are very religious every year but one since 2008, and this year’s 16 percent reading is six points lower than that of any other state.”

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