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Rhode Island Democratic Party Women’s Caucus condemns separating immigrant families at the border



The Rhode Island Democratic Party Women’s Caucus issued the following statement Monday about the Trump administration’s decision to separate families seeking asylum at the United StatesMexico border:

“The Women’s Caucus is unequivocally opposed to the separation of families at the United States – Mexico border. The treatment of children and families is a women’s issue, but it is also an issue that impacts society and groups of every identity, all of whom must come together to condemn the current treatment of families at the border.

“The forcible removal of children from their families is not only devastating to their emotional development, it is a human rights violation and a disgusting echo of centuries of familial separation forced upon indigenous peoples and slaves throughout American history. We cannot allow ourselves to regress so horrifically in our treatment of families coming to our country fleeing violence and in search of opportunity for their children.

“The Women’s Caucus calls on the Trump administration to end this brutal policy immediately. We ask the entirety of Rhode Island’s congressional delegation to join Representative David Cicilline in condemning this policy and actively work with elected officials across the country to stop its implementation.”

The mission of the Rhode Island Democratic Party Women’s Caucus is to ensure gender equality in our laws, our Democratic Party and in our government representation. We believe a strong Democratic Party values and includes the diverse voices of our Party.