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Indivisible RI’s Better Know a Candidate: Kobi Dennis, Mayor of Providence



Indivisible Rhode Island hosted its second “Better Know a Rhode Island Candidate” event at Westminster Unitarian Church in East Greenwich. Five candidates for office were given time to address the audience and take some questions.

I’m trying an experiment here in that I’m doing five posts, one for each candidate.

Indivisible RI’s Better Know a Candidate: Kobi Dennis

Indivisible RI’s Better Know a Candidate: Mel Dupont

Indivisible RI’s Better Know a Candidate: Dwayne Keys

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Indivisible RI’s Better Know a Candidate: Daniel McKee

Indivisible RI’s Better Know a Candidate: Paul Roselli

Kobi Dennis is running for Mayor of Providence. Dennis is a Providence native and Navy veteran. He’s earned the nickname, “Community Guy” for his advocacy work on issues affecting urban Rhode Islanders. In 2009, he founded Project: Night Vision, an after school service program for children in need. He also co-launched the “Building Bridges” initiative to improve police and community relations.

“One of the biggest thing that people in my neighborhood say is ‘I’m not into politics,'” said Dennis. “And instead of saying, ‘Shame on you,’ I say, ‘Well, if you’re not into politics what you’re telling me, in an indirect way, is that you’re not into better child care. You’re not into better communities. You’re not into fixing those roads. You’re not into fixing those schools. That’s what you’re saying, because the only way we can effect change, and get that to happen, is to get out and vote.”

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