Today the Political Action Committee of the Rhode Island chapter of the National Organization for Women (RI NOW PAC) is proud to endorse the following 36 candidates in the 2018 election cycle.

City/Town Council

Justice Gaines, Providence Ward 1
Deya Garcia, Providence Ward 8
Liz Gledhill, South Kingstown
Ryan Holt, Providence Ward 2
Kat Kerwin, Providence Ward 12
Rachel Miller, Providence Ward 13
Jeremy Rix, Warwick Ward 2
Jessica Vega, Central Falls Ward 5


Chris Blazejewski, District 2
Justine Caldwell, District 30
Lauren Carson, District 75
Julie Casimiro, District 31
Liana Cassar, District 66
Terri Cortvriend, District 72
Susan Donovan, District 69
Katherine Kazarian, District 63
Dwayne Keys, District 9
Rebecca Kislak, District 4
Jason Knight, District 67
Vincent Marzullo, District 26
Carol Hagan McEntee, District 33
Mario Mendez, District 13
Lauren Niedel, District 40
Marcia Ranglin-Vassell, District 5
Teresa Tanzi, District 34


Sam Bell, District 5
Jeanine Calkin, District 30
Cynthia Coyne, District 32
Alana DiMario, District 36
Shannon Donahue, District 7
Jennifer Douglas, District 34
Melanie DuPont, District 22
Jonathan Hernandez, District 6
Val Lawson, District 14
Melissa Murray, District 24
Bridget Valverde, District 35

The RI NOW PAC believes that this slate of candidates will work effectively both individually and together to achieve RI NOW’s five primary goals:

  1. advance reproductive freedom;
  2. promote economic justice;
  3. end violence against women in all forms;
  4. secure LGBTQ rights, and
  5. end racism.

The RI NOW PAC previously endorsed Gina Raimondo for Governor, Aaron Regunberg for Lieutenant Governor, Nellie Gorbea for Secretary of State and Seth Magaziner for General Treasurer.

RI NOW will be hosting on Open House for these endorsed candidates in Providence on Sunday, August 26th from 4-6 pm, which is celebrated as Women’s Equality Day. You can find further details on our website.

A second round of endorsements will occur after the Primary in September.

[From a press release]

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John Burns
John Burns

Matt Brown is pro-choice WITHOUT restrictions. Gina Raimondo is pro-choice with restrictions.