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Candidates for Cranston School Board field questions



The candidates for Cranston School Board were at the Cranston Public Library on Thursday for a forum sponsored by the Cranston Herald and moderated by reporter Pam Schiff.

School Board elections in Cranston are non-partisan, which means the candidates have no party affiliation. There are six Ward and one City Wide seats on the Board.

The format was focused on Ward 1 and Ward 3, the only contested seats. In the rest of the Wards and the City Wide seat, the candidates were running unopposed.

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Cranston City Council candidate forum focuses on Wards 1 and 3

Candidates for Cranston School Board field questions

Below is all the video from the event.

Each candidate gave an opening statement:

Michael Baer, running for the open Cranston School Committee seat in Ward 1:

Sara Tindall-Woodman, running for the open Cranston School Committee seat in Ward 1:

Dominic Fusco Jr is the incumbent candidate in Cranston School Committee Ward 3:

Paul Archetto is running for Cranston School Committee Ward 3:

Stephanie Culhane is the incumbent and running unopposed in School Committee Ward 2:

Vincent Turchetta Jr is the incumbent and running unopposed in School Committee Ward 4:

Janice Ruggieri is the incumbent and running unopposed in School Committee Ward 5:

Michael Traficante is the incumbent and running unopposed for the City Wide seat on the Cranston School Board:

Daniel Wahl is the incumbent and running unopposed in School Committee Ward 6:

The Questions:

Q1. What is the number one issue facing the Cranston School District?

Q2. How many Cranston School Committee meetings have you attended since declaring your candidacy?

Q3. Are you in favor of eliminating February vacation week and making it a long holiday weekend?

Q4. On a high school level, students have been suspended for a two-week period. Is that a valid discipline option?

Q5. Do you think the schools need a bigger operating budget to improve or can they make do with what they have?

Q6. What do you think of the new high school schedule block changes?

Q7. Have you ever actually eaten a school meal?

Q8. Do you support corporate and business sponsorship to help defray costs and raise money for the district?

Q9. Do you support bringing back the EPIC or TAG Program considering middle school sports and music, to a degree, have been reinstated, why not this program?

Q10. How important is transparency and communication with parents and family? How will you keep in touch with your constituents?

Q11. Goal #2 of the Cranston School District’s Strategic Plan adopted in 2014 is to build productive partnerships for education. Numerous studies have shown that involvement in positive youth development programs after school results in better behavior and academic performance during school. When the school day ends, these programs step in to mentor, train, coach, support and guide youth. Four particular organizations are notable in that they are federally chartered under Title 36 of the United States Code which governs select patriotic and national organizations: The Boy Scouts, the Girl Scouts, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, and Boys and Girls Club.

If elected, what steps will you take to promote and develop relationships with appropriate organizations and create new opportunities for student enrichment and growth?

Q12. Have you read the school safety report that was presented at the Cranston City Council meeting on Monday, October 22? What was your reaction to it and can you comment on the report in general?

Q13. Around 2010 the Family and Consumer Science Department was eliminated from Cranston Schools. Is there any way of bringing this program back?

Q14. Councilmember Archetto: If you are successfully elected, will you stay on the School Committee or is this a placeholder for a future run for another office?

Q15. Michael Baer: You mentioned working with the Council. Can you be more specific?

Closing statement from Paul Archetto:

Closing statement from Dominic Fusco Jr:

Closing statement from Sara Tindall-Woodman:

Closing statement from Michael Baer:

Closing statement from Vincent Turchetta Jr:

Closing statement from Janice Ruggieri:

Closing statement from Michael Traficante:

Closing statement from Stephanie Culhane:

Closing statement from Daniel Wahl:

Sara Tindall-Woodman

Dominic Fusco Jr

Paul Archetto

Stephanie Culhane

Vincent Turchetta Jr

Michael Baer

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