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Revised Energy Facilities Siting Board Invenergy Hearing Schedule released



Energy Facility Siting Board hearings for Invenrgy‘s proposed $1 billion fracked gas and diesel oil burning power plant aimed at the pristine forests of northwest Rhode Island are scheduled to resume after Thanksgiving. Here’s the new, revised schedule. Note that this schedule is tentative and may change at any time.

Procedural Day

Continuation from September 20
Department of Health (DOH) Advisory Opinion – DOH Staff Michael Byrne, Goff (electromagnetic fields)

Invenergy – Chelbek, Smith
Burrillville – Brayton

New Access Road
Invenergy – McDonald
Burrillville – Jackson, Brayton
Department of Transportation (DOT) Advisory Opinion – DOT Staff Steve Pristawa and Joe Bucci

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Cultural and Historic
Invenergy – Donta

Invenergy – Hollins

Invenergy – Hankard
Burrillville – Hessler

Visual Impacts
Invenergy – Perkins
DOH Advisory Opinion – DOH Staff Michael Byrns (noise and possibly lighting)
Department of Environmental Management (DEM) Advisory Opinion – DEM Staff William Mitchell (recreation)
Goff – Burrillville Town Planner

JANUARY 8, 9, 16, 17

Cost and Need
Invenergy – Hardy
Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) – Fagan
Rhode Island Building and Construction Trades Council – Vatter
Burrillville – Walker
Public Utilities Commission (PUC) Advisory Opinion – No witness


Groundwater and Surface Water
Invenergy – Hershberger
Burrillville – Azivinis

JANUARY 22, 23

Air Emissions
Invenergy – Feinblatt
Burrillville – Epner
DOH Advisory Opinion – DOH Staff Michael Byrns

JANUARY 24, 30

DEM Advisory Opinion – DEM Staff Jim Ball (Oil storage and regulations, previously scheduled August 16)
Jay Ostenkowski (lighting and noise)

Invenergy – Ringler
CLF – Comings
Burrillville – Zemba, Jackson, Hevner
DEM Advisory Opinion – DEM Staff Jay Osenkowski and Chuck Horbert (biodiversity, forest fragmentation, wildlife, water supply, fish and wildlife, conservation priorities)
DEM Advisory Opinion – DEM Staff Chuck Horbert (spill over status of wetlands application)


Stormwater/Soil Erosion
Invenergy – Jacobs, Riordan
Burrillville – Jackson, Zemba
DEM Advisory Opinion – No DEM witness requested

On-Site Wastewater Treatment
Invenergy – Blanchard
DEM Advisory Opinion – DEM No DEM Witness requested

Water Supply
Invenergy – Bacon
Burrillville – Hevner
DOH Advisory Opinion – DOH Staff June Swallow
DOT Advisory Opinion – DOT Staff Robert Rocchio and Joe Bucci


Project Details
Invenergy – Niland
Burrillville – Pacheco
DEM Advisory Opinion – DEM Staff Jay Osenkowski and William Mitchell (cumulative impacts) and Terrance Gray (harm to the environment)

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