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The Woman Project: Mattiello not fit to be Speaker



The one disappointment among the great successes of the night was that 3,421 people in District 15 voted for Representative Nicolas Mattiello – fewer votes than many other reps got, yet still enough to send him to the Rhode Island State House, with a margin of 300 votes. While these votes may be enough to send him to the State House for another term, that does not mean he is fit to be Speaker.

Your phone calls can remind members of the Rhode Island House that Representative Mattiello kept a sexual harasser in power, covered it up and lied about it. He said bringing the Reproductive Health Care Act (RHCA(S2163/H7340) to the floor would take up all the oxygen in the room. He said there was no real threat to Roe v Wade, when in fact there were 14 pending court cases that could undermine Roe v Wade.

Representative Mattiello is clearly out of step with this state and our values. We respectfully ask that members of the Rhode Island State House vote for new leadership that will be open and inclusive. That status quo must end!

Today at 5:45p a meeting is being held by the Democratic Caucus where he will seek pledges from Democrats to vote him in as Speaker for the 2019-2020 sessions, which he has held since 2014. He has been no supporter of womxn or minority communities as you may know. He needs to not be reinstated as House Speaker.

**We want to see him voted down for simple reasons like:

  • Lying
  • Covering up
  • Not protecting coworkers
  • Being insensitive to sexual harassment matters

**For more specific reasons/issues in the news as well the 48-hours since being elected and secret-ness of this meeting today read more here!

Mattiello says he is ‘firewall’ protecting the state from ‘ultra left-wing groups’
Read article in Providence Journal today

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(A) CALL your district representative and urge them to vote for other leadership rather than Mattiello in this position. Call List


(B) Attend a rally at the location of the Democratic Caucus TONIGHT! Details

About the Author

The Womxn Project (TWP) is a non-profit organization in Rhode Island focused on building a strong, feminist, community-based movement to further human rights of Rhode Islanders by using art and activism to advance education and social change. TWP stirs social awareness and invites political action to inclusively further womxn’s rights through creative advocacy campaigns and collaborative art projects.