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RIDP Women’s Caucus statement in support of the 21 members of the House who seek reform



The Rhode Island Democratic Party Women’s Caucus of the stands behind the twenty-one members of the Rhode Island House of Representatives who seek reform in that chamber. These 21 members are united by their commitment to the Democratic Party platform, but diverse in their individual policy preferences. 15 of them are women.

Like them, the caucus believes Rhode Island deserves a chamber that operates transparently and fairly, where the voices of all Rhode Islanders are heard through the work of their representatives.

For the Women’s Caucus, and for these 21 members, this is about reforming the rules of the House so that legislative proposals move through the process from proposal to the floor in a manner that is fair, comprehensible, and public. And a chamber in which the schedule offers time for deliberation and debate, with no last-minute changes, no backroom deals and no rush to the finish line. Members must know what they’re voting on, have time to touch base with their constituents, and have time to consider their vote.

This is about fostering an environment in which all members are guided by their convictions and their constituents’ interests without fear of retribution should take a position contrary to the Speaker’s. this is about creating a workplace environment in which claims of sexual harassment are handled quickly and by a human resources professional, and a legislative chamber in which the leadership structure has a place for the diverse voices of the Democratic Party.

The Women’s Caucus supports the call of these 21 members for a General Assembly that embodies all the principles of good government – openness, accountability, clear and comprehensible processes, and responsiveness to the people they were elected to represent.

We urge our members in district represented by these 21 legislators to express their support directly and emphatically. To our members who are not among the 21: Let your representatives know – directly and emphatically — that you expect them to join their colleagues in the call for reform of House rules and a move towards a more open, democratic Hose. Now.

The mission of the Rhode Island Democratic Party Women’s Caucus is to ensure gender equality in our laws, our Democratic Party and in our government representation. We believe a strong Democratic Party values and includes the diverse voices of our Party.

[From a press release]

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