From a press release:

The City of Pawtucket has brought on the Cadmus Group, LLC (Cadmus) who has an extensive track record in renewable energy strategies and design, to explore all possible renewable energy sources for placement using innovative and forward thinking strategies at the current Grotto Avenue Transfer Station.

“The City is always looking to improve its strategy on renewable energy in an environmentally friendly way,” said Pawtucket Mayor Donald Grebien. “We are excited to bring on Cadmus as a consultant to further analyze how to make this possible in Pawtucket.”

Cadmus is a full-service strategic consulting firm with a division dedicated to renewable energy, design, and inspections. The company is tasked with reviewing renewable energy options for the Transfer Station that could provide a financial benefit lifecycle and is considered a “renewable” or “green” energy technology. Cadmus will produce a report for two possible scenarios for a solar energy generation; the first using the entire Transfer Station and landfill while the second is using the area on and around the landfill while the Transfer Station remains in operation.

“Cadmus has extensive experience working as a governmental consultant, including for several Rhode State agencies and over 80 municipalities throughout New England,” said Pawtucket Commerce Director Jeanne Boyle who originally provided the recommendation of Cadmus to the Purchasing Board in December.

“Cadmus provided a clear and comprehensive description of the project approach and allowed for additional services should the City choose to proceed with implementation of a renewable energy project,” continued Boyle.

The project scope includes finding renewable energy that is practical and profitable with a benefit analysis for each option that includes: installation costs, operational costs, maintenance costs, systems reliability, lifecycle costs, cost benefit analysis, and Cadmus’ recommendation for applicability. The report is expected to be completed by early March 2019.

The total project cost of bringing Cadmus onboard as a consultant is $5,000. The City may, after completion of the initial study, choose to further engage the selected consultant for future specific implementations. The City is also currently searching for alternative funding sources for any potential future projects in order to save taxpayer dollars.