“It’s a fairly new group,” said Noah, outside the Pawtucket office of United States Representative David Cicciline (Democrat, Rhode Island). “It’s called By the People, and it’s a movement to impeach Trump.”

Noah was one of three people asking Cicilline to sign a pledge vowing to to impeach Trump. The visit in Providence was one of 15 actions taking place across the United States.

The group met with Cicilline staffer Jacob the office foyer.

“We’ve been really concerned about this national emergency that Trump has called last week,” said Kristy. “We’re a small but might crew to make sure that our congressman knows that we are not okay with what’s happening in our country right now. We’re asking him to make a commitment to pledge to impeach Trump.”

Last week President Donald Trump declared a national emergency so he could access the money needed to begin construction on his proposed border wall. Today, 16 state attorneys general sued to prevent Trump from going forward. Rhode Island has not yet joined the lawsuit.

Trump’s declaration, added Kristy, “is really inconsistent with our values. Trump has been the purveyor of massages around xenophobia, around sexism, around racism …

“We think it is really important that this is a political process and not a legal one. We want to make sure that Representative Cicilline has our backs.”

Jacob promised to bring the issue the Cicilline’s attention. The group said they would be back in a week to collect the signed petition.

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