The Rhode Island Progressive Democrats of America are ready to take their first step in creating a plan to revitalize Rhode Island and fight climate change by transforming the Ocean State into a producer of solar, tidal, and onshore wind energy.

Our aim is to generate 200 percent of the energy that Rhode Island needs and to return energy profits to Rhode Island as citizen dividends and funding for cities and the state. Rhode Island spends $3B on energy every year, and as an energy producer, we can keep that money in our state and add more.

We are partnering with Ocean State Community Energy, a collaborative of ReVenture and 4E Energy, to develop a plan to build municipal utilities across Rhode Island starting with a scalable design for a utility in Cranston, Rhode Island the second largest city in the state. The design will use city infrastructure and avoid green space and will employ the latest innovations in wind and tidal technology.

With a plan that shows what a Cranston utility would look like and how it would work, we’ll be able to start large-scale fundraising for a statewide plan and to advocate for the project across Rhode Island when the statewide plan is complete.

Ocean State Community Energy needs $26,000 to complete a first-stage plan. To contribute, please visit our PayPal donation page. Every donation is welcome and needed: $1000 from 26 people; $100 from 260 people; $10 from 2600 people.

A project this big and ambitious is the only true way to fight climate change, and if Rhode Island demonstrates how to do it, the rest of the world can join in. Please join us in taking a hopeful step for our future, and thank you for your support.

[From a press release.]

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Diana Holmes

Will someone from this coalition come to Cranston’s solar ordinance public hearing on Thurs July 18 5:30 at city hall?

Bella Noka
Bella Noka

I’m blown away at the acreage of trees that are coming down , in order to replace them with solar panels. The State of Rhode Island has shown systematic racism toward the First People of this land, “The Narragamsetts’. There is documented proof of the the tribe being oppressed by the State of Rhode Island and their many supporters. The climate of today is exposing the prejudice that tribes had to endure and the oppressors. We will be putting an end to this oppression and the injustice that’s been going on too long. We are launching a grassroots campaign effort to further expose and put an end to it. We will be turning this state “Purple” and taking back our votes, that in the past have been so easily given. The Republican/Democrats will EARN our votes, by ending the injustices toward the Narragansett Indian Tribe. We will be joining hands… Read more »


[…] Progressive Demorats launch ambitious plan to generate 200 percent of the energy Rhode Island needs […]

Paul Klinkman

There’s effective climate change inhibition and there are less effective actions. The road to effective climate change inhibition certainly runs through merit-based research and development. Rhode Island needs to grow its own tomatoes in winter. We can do that now, off grid, inexpensively, without fuel and without clear plastic sheeting. We turned the West Greenwich prototype on in February. Rhode Island buildings need retrofits so that they use 90% solar heat and 10% (renewable) electricity. We can probably do that. Let us be the adults in the room who worry about providing 100% of the supply of electricity, after sunset and when the wind isn’t blowing. Solar power towers are bad for birds but I can suggest a reasonable fix so that we can eliminate fracked natural gas from this job. The Arctic Ocean is melting down this summer. I recommend that the Ocean State prototype a wind-powered pump that… Read more »