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Monica Huertas announces her candidacy for Providence City Council Ward 10



Long time Providence resident Monica Huertas announced her candidacy for Providence City Council in Ward 10. Huertas is a graduate of Rhode Island College and works with children as a social worker. She is a wife and mother of four children.

“I’ve lived in Providence my whole life. I love this city and care about my neighbors,” said Huertas. “I am tired of watching as time and time again our politicians get tangled up in scandal after scandal, while working families find it harder and harder to get by. I strongly believe that Ward 10 needs to be represented by someone who will work hard for the community and our schools, and not another insider.”

In addition to her social work, Huertas is the coordinator for No LNG in PVD, a community advocacy campaign that has strived to stop the liquefied natural gas plant that is being proposed for development in the port of Providence.

“I strongly believe that Monica will be a wonderful addition to the Providence City Council,” said former Rhode Island State Senator Jeanine Calkin. “I met her through her advocacy and work fighting to protect the families that were struggling to have a voice against the proposed LNG facility. Her experience in social work will be a great benefit in her role on the council, and she is exactly the type of brave and dedicated leader Providence needs.”

Huertas plans to focus on a justice platform and will work hard for the social, economic, racial and environment causes her community believes in, as well as against the corruption within government.

[From a press release]

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