Ocean State Community Energy has started work on a first-of-its-kind blueprint for a solar, tidal, and onshore wind utility in Cranston, Rhode Island.

The plan will take eight weeks to finish and will be completed by November 1. The Rhode Island Progressive Democrats of America (RIPDA) are funding the plan which will cost $26,000.

The plan will be scalable and use the latest innovations in renewable energy, microgrid, and energy storage technology. It will build on existing city infrastructure and preserve Cranston’s green space.

The goal of the project is to generate 200 percent of the energy that Cranston needs and create a new source of income for the city by selling the excess energy. It will also develop a model that all Rhode Island municipalities can follow.

“Imagine,” said RIPDA State Coordinator Nate Carpenter, “what the economic impact would be if Rhode Island could keep a minimum of $3B in our state every year. What if we could keep $6B in state? All while properly addressing climate change.”

The Rhode Island Progressive Democrats have raised 30 percent of the plan’s cost and continue to fund raise. Visit riprogressivedems.com to donate and learn more.

[From a press release]

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Kyle Bessette
Kyle Bessette

This is a good idea at the 30,000 foot view, and a good way to attack the problem at a municipal level. If each town/city had its own municipal micro grid, which was controlled at the town level (no state involved), focused on their town’s specific resources, and allowed the town to spend the savings/income on what they choose — it is a decent proposal. If the state got involved, I would not support it. This has to be controlled at the local level, by citizens of each town. Some towns have small hydro power opportunities that are not being utilized. Will these be included in the plan? Why not overbuild energy storage facilities and buy spot electricity overnight when all the new offshore farms are producing power? A focus on leading the nation in energy storage may make more sense… Either way, good job bringing this idea to the… Read more »


[…] Rhode Island Progressive Democrats: Planning has begun on a first-of-its-kind blueprint for a Cranst… […]