On Thursday Never Again Action led about 1000 people from the New England Holocaust Memorial in Boston, across the Charles River and into Cambridge, where they occupied the lobby of Amazon‘s Boston HQ.

See also: Never Again Action ends march in the lobby of Amazon, protesting the companies ties to ICE

Never Again Action writes:

“Tech companies like Amazon and Palantir make millions of dollars helping ICE track immigrants, just as tech companies like IBM made millions helping Nazi police track Jews. Employees at these companies are trying to end ICE contracts from the inside, but they need our help keeping the pressure up! That’s why we took over Amazon’s HQ in Cambridge, MA, and why #JewsAgainstICE will continue to target these companies until they choose the right path #NoTechForICE #NoBusinessWithICE…”

Here are photos, starting with those taken at the Boston Holocaust Memorial where the march began:

Here are photos from the march:

Here are photos from inside and outside of Amazon’s Boston HQ located at 101 Main Street in Cambridge:

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