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Epic Theatre to present dramatic reading of Woonsocket Town Council Meeting



Don’t adjust the press release.

You’re reading that correctly.

Two days ago, the following article appeared on

It documents how council-member Alex Kithes tried to get the Woonsocket City Council to pass a resolution denouncing white nationalism.

While you might assume that in 2019, it wouldn’t be all that difficult to pass such a resolution, it ended up being quite the uphill battle that resulted in the council passing a resolution against all kinds of supremacy.

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“I have to say, it took me a few tries to get through the article, because I kept wanting to put my fist through the closest wall,” says Epic Artistic Director Kevin Broccoli, “But when I finally did, I realized that what I was reading was actually a stunning piece of theater–and I don’t mean that in a good way.

I also realized that – chances are – very few people were going to want to read the entire article and the amendment that was suggested.”

That lead Epic to decided to do what we do best and take something from the page to the stage.

That’s why on Sunday, September 29th at 4pm at Theater 82, located at 82 Rolfe Square, members of Epic Theatre Company and other guests will be performing that council meeting with all the absurdity it entails. We’ll even have a talkback after in case you feel like screaming into the void with us.

It’ll be totally free and open to the public the same way a town council meeting would be, and we hope it inspires people to pay more attention to what’s happening where they live.

About the Author

Epic Theatre Company seeks to bring provocative contemporary work to Rhode Island as well as new perspectives on classical theater. We strive to continue the tradition of "event" theater, where each production has built-in excitement both for the audiences and the artists involved.

Epic is a proud member of the Rhode Island Theater Alliance (RITA) and is the Resident Theater Company at the Artists Exchange in Cranston, RI.