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Justice for Dijon Kizzee solidarity event in Providence



On Tuesday evening just over 50 protesters marched through Providence, past the Providence Public Safety Complex and up and down Atwells Avenue to call for justice in the police killing of Dijon Kizzee in Los Angeles, who was shot after being pulled over by the Los Angeles Sheriff Department while riding a bicycle. There have been two nights of protest in Los Angeles since the shooting.

The solidarity march in Providence was organized by Prov X. It was emotional and powerful, but peaceful. During the march protesters stopped at DePasquale and Atwells Avenue, holding up traffic for a few minutes to the consternation of some drivers and business owners. Later the protest sat down near the parking lot entrance of the Public Safety Complex, and held a moment of silence.

Though there were police in riot gear at the front of the Public Safety Complex ready to confront the protesters, but the protest instead marched in a different direction.

There were no confrontations with police and no arrests.

Will James has the live stream: