An Important Update from Uprise RI

Join us as we transform Uprise RI into a powerful resource for the community that continues to deliver on our mission.

Rhode Island News: An Important Update from Uprise RI

June 14, 2023, 11:00 am

By Greg Brailsford

To our many loyal readers,

Yesterday, our founder and reporter, Steve Ahlquist, made the decision to step down from Uprise RI. This decision came abruptly and was a shock to all of us.

I know how much Uprise RI means to Rhode Island and local communities. The thought of not having a truly independent watchdog to cover important topics and events that others ignore hurts, and would be a devastating blow to the community.

We cannot replace Steve. But, with your continued support, we hope to transform Uprise RI into what we believe is an even more valuable resource that builds on its progressive roots and does what we’ve done best: support those that need it most and keep you informed about critical topics that affect you. Here is our plan:

Since its founding, Uprise RI addressed important topics of the moment with stories that covered events, political happenings, and government. These stories were invaluable to the community and our coverage in some instances directly led to favorable government action.

Now, we will continue to publish important stories on topics that concern you, but these pieces will be more in-depth investigative stories that tackle government corruption and other important topics.

Next, we’re unveiling The Helping Hand. This will become the core focus of Uprise RI, and we are super excited about it. THH will provide resources for Rhode Islanders who are stuck in unfortunate situations and need assistance. Are you a tenant dealing with an unresponsive landlord? Have you fallen behind on your rent and don’t know where to turn? Are you having issues reaching the right person at a state agency? The Helping Hand will help guide you with resources and valuable tips to help you resolve your issue.

Finally, we plan to launch RI-Views, a Yelp-style reviews directory for RI state agencies. Had a bad experience at Woonsocket City Hall? Treated like a king at the Office of the General Treasurer? Now you can share your experience with other Rhode Islanders and help encourage better service at our many state agencies.

But, we need your continued support to create the valuable resource we hope it will be. If you already donate to Uprise RI, we thank you so much for your past support and hope you will continue to contribute as we build out these services. If you have not contributed to Uprise RI and want to help us turn this into a valuable resource for all of Rhode Island, we humbly ask for your support with a donation or by helping us build the new Uprise RI.

Every penny generously contributed to Uprise RI is used to fund our online infrastructure and compensate volunteers. While I serve as President of the organization, I will not receive any financial compensation for my work (I know, that doesn’t sound very progressive, but it’s OK!). My work for Uprise RI has never been about money. I believe in our mission and feel it is imperative to have a resource that is always looking out for you. I hope you agree and will help us get there.

Warm Regards,

Greg Brailsford
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