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David Segal announces bid for RI’s second congressional seat

“We have the people power to reach the voters, we have the money to compete, and we have the urgent case to make that we deserve leaders who can bring people together and ensure their voices are heard. That’s what I’ve done for 20 years, and that’s the only kind of leadership that can affect real positive change.”
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Published on April 21, 2022

The following is a press release and not an Uprise RI-written news story.

David Segal made the move from an “exploratory” effort to officially becoming a candidate in the Democratic Primary for Congress. He says the groundswell of support from the local to the national levels — including some high profile early endorsements — demonstrates that there is an urgent need for a new kind of leadership in Washington that can deliver for everyday people.

“People are frustrated,” Segal explained, “and they should be frustrated because government should be able to do more to address the concerns of our neighbors. We need leaders who can restore the trust of the people, and bring people together to address our shared concerns. That’s what I’ve done in local and state government, and on national issues. I’m running for Congress to continue doing that work.”

Segal has already earned some high profile endorsements in his bid. Joseph Geevarghese, the Executive Director of Our Revolution — the grassroots organization formed by Bernie Sanders — pointed to Segal’s work building broad coalitions “to fight monopoly power, advance democratic reforms, and more,” adding “[Segal] is committed to expanding economic opportunities and will be a champion for Medicare for All, the Fight for $15, A Green New Deal, criminal justice reform, and a path to citizenship for immigrants.”

Progressive Democrats of America called Segal “one of the most effective national advocates at bringing people together to organize for concerns that help working families.” Blue America PAC and RootsAction also endorsed the campaign during its exploratory phase.

Right after UpriseRI launched the press release, we learned that Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren announced her support for David Segal’s campaign. The endorsement came less than 24 hours after Segal announced his candidacy.

Senator Warren said in a statement, “I’ve worked with David Segal on plans to level the economic playing field, support a responsible foreign policy, and build a government that Americans can trust to work for them. I’m proud to endorse David for Congress in Rhode Island’s 2nd District because he’ll continue to lead with understanding, principle, and conviction — and he knows how to build the kinds of broad coalitions we need to make change happen.”

“This endorsement means a tremendous amount because Senator Warren has been part of the bedrock of movements to ensure a responsive and effective government. Senator Warren understands that, in order to win, Democrats must deliver results,” said Segal. “I’m proud that my work building coalitions around concrete policies that help everyday people has earned the support of such an inspiring leader.”

Segal’s values and priorities are expressed in the campaign policy platform, which has been posted on the campaign website today:

Segal has also picked up a number of local endorsements, including from several officials who offered statements in support of his campaign:

  • “Rural communities like mine, who feel forgotten and left behind, want elected officials who will advance the needs of everyday voters and push back against the corporations and special interests that sometimes corrupt our processes and skew results away from what’s best for us. David has a long record of bringing folks together from across a variety of communities and backgrounds to deliver for people — that’s why I’m supporting him for Congress.” – Megan Cotter, Chair of the Exeter Democratic Town Committee:
  • “From the time David was elected to City Council as a young man, he was a man on a mission. He’s not afraid to tell you what’s on his mind, and he’s a man of his word. In all his work, he not only commanded respect from young progressives, the old guard, and everyone in between, he was able to build bridges between the groups and get people working together. I told him the moment he said he was looking at the Congressional seat I was with him, because I’ve seen what a remarkable leader he’s been and that’s exactly what we need in Congress. He’s a can’t miss for our state.” – State Representative John Lombardi, Providence; Former Providence City Council President and Acting Mayor:
  • “I’ve worked with David for almost 20 years on so many critical issues. What is remarkable about him is he cuts through the noise and connects the dots and brings people together to win. David can approach people that you wouldn’t really think have a lot in common, but then they find common ground because of his leadership. It’s the combination of the passion for the work and the ability to connect folks that is so critical at this time to help all of us address the concerns of working families everywhere.” – Providence City Councilmember Rachel Miller:
  • “Democrats need to do more to demonstrate that government can work for everyday people. From David’s time in office and building Democratic infrastructure that has helped people like me get elected here in Rhode Island, to his national work on issues like guarding against abuses by corporate monopolies, I know with his track record he can deliver for the needs of Rhode Islanders in Congress. We can trust him to move the ball forward on issues like Medicare for All, building an economy that works for everybody, and so much more.” – State Representative Brandon Potter, Cranston:

Segal says the campaign is strong and he’s looking forward to engaging with people throughout the district and making his case. “We have the people power to reach the voters, we have the money to compete, and we have the urgent case to make that we deserve leaders who can bring people together and ensure their voices are heard. That’s what I’ve done for 20 years, and that’s the only kind of leadership that can affect real positive change.”

David Segal is a former member of the Providence City Council and the Rhode Island House of Representatives. He has spent the decade since leaving office building Democratic infrastructure, helping candidates, and organizing around key issues in Rhode Island — while also working to forward the interests of everyday people as an advocate for federal policy changes.

Other candidates who have declared their intention to run for the second congressional seat include Democrats Omar Bah, founder and executive director of the Refugee Dream Center; Seth Magaziner, Rhode Island General Treasurer and former candidate for Governor of Rhode Island and Michael Neary, former political strategist and John Kasich staffer. Republicans interested in the seat include Robert Lancia, former state representative; and Allan Fung, former Cranston Mayor.

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