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Family of Brian Rodenas Raises Concerns About his Death at ACI, Calls for Full Investigation

The family of Brian Rodenas is calling his death at the ACI suspicious and demanding a full investigation.

Rhode Island News: Family of Brian Rodenas Raises Concerns About his Death at ACI, Calls for Full Investigation

May 22, 2023, 9:51 am

By Stop Torture RI

Brian Rodenas passed away inside the Adult Correctional Institutions (ACI) onMay 22, and his family is now calling the death suspicious and demanding a full investigation. While the Rhode Island Department of Corrections and the Brotherhood of Correctional Officers publicly labeled the death a suicide, no official autopsy report has been released. The family of Brian Rodenas has been alerted to evidence that leads them to believe foul play may have occurred.


Valentina Marianetti, cousin of Mr. Rodenas, stated:

Our family is left in turmoil over the sudden and surprising death of our beloved Brian. Although his death has left us unsettled.  Although it was labeled a suicide, we have reason to believe there was foul play involved. We have no intention of letting it rest until we are satisfied with the answer as to what truly transpired. We demand justice for the life of a dearly beloved member of our family. 

The autopsy was one of the most aggressive seen by funeral directors. Both of his arms were removed and there were incisions in places that did not align with the cause of death as has been claimed (suicide by way of a shoe string).

We have trustworthy sources who tell us that the two COs on duty that evening alongside Brian dropped him on his head hard.  We believe in our hearts something is being covered up by the ACI and those who were in charge at the time.  We demand to see video evidence from inside the ACI.

“This tragic deaths at the Rhode Island ACI highlight the urgent need to pass the Reform Solitary Confinement Act,” said Brandon Robinson, campaign manager at Stop Torture RI. “Brian Rodenas should not have been kept in solitary confinement for months on end.  The DOC and Correctional Officers Union have released inaccurate or incomplete information about this death, once again highlighting the lack of transparency and accountability at the ACI in regards to the treatment of those in its custody.”

The Reform Solitary Confinement Act continues to be held for further study for a third year in a row, despite having a majority of support in the Rhode Island House Judiciary Committee and the House of Representatives.  

The Stop Torture RI Coalition is an alliance of local community organizers, formerly incarcerated people and their loved ones, direct service providers, students, and other concerned people all working to end the use of extended solitary confinement by passing the Reform Solitary Confinement Act.