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I can help Rhode Island residents with questions about:

  • Tenant/landlord issues
  • Food assistance
  • Problems with a business

What Types of Questions Can It Help With?

Tenants/Renters Concerns

"My apartment has rats and I've asked my landlord to hire an exterminator multiple times, but he hasn't done anything. What can I do?"

"The landlord has not returned my deposit and I've been moved out for over a month. How do I get it back?"

"I'd like to get my apartment insulated to cut down on my heating bill. Who pays for that?"

Consumer Complaints

"My bank overcharged me for an overdrawn account but won't refund the fees to me. What can I do?"

"We had our roof replaced this summer and it's leaking. We've contacted the roofer but he isn't returning our calls. What recourse do we have?"