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The Rhode Island Political Coop announces five new candidates

Five newly announced progressive candidates will go head to head against some heavyweight incumbents, including the House Majority Leader and others in General Assembly leadership positions.
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Published on May 5, 2022
By Steve Ahlquist

The Rhode Island Political Cooperative today announced that five new progressive candidates – Danielle Walsh, Arthur Flanders, Savannah DaCruz, Jennifer Stewart and San Shoppell – have joined their “multi-racial, working-class” slate. 

“We’re ecstatic to announce the addition of 5 progressive champions to our 2022 Co-op slate,” said Cooperative Co-Chair Jennifer Rourke. “I know that these candidates will bring their crucial lived experiences and dedication to building a Rhode Island that works for everyone to the State House. These candidates are all deeply committed to enacting universal healthcare, tackling the housing affordability crisis, and passing a Green New Deal.”

The candidates are:

  • Danielle Walsh is an educator, mother, and the development director of BLM RI PAC running for State House District 32, held by Robert Craven. Representative Craven chairs the powerful House Judiciary Committee. Walsh grew up in a working-class family and is running to ensure that no other family has to experience poverty. 
  • Arthur Flanders is a queer working-class man running for State Senate District 7, held by Frank Ciccone. Senator Ciccone chairs the Senate Labor Committee. As a type 1 diabetic, Flanders struggles to afford his lifesaving insulin. Raised in a working-class household, Arthur’s passion for labor issues has grown over a lifetime of working underpaid, physically-demanding jobs.
  • Savannah DaCruz is a Cape Verdean artist and activist running for State House District 2, held by Christopher Blazejewski, who is currently House Majority Leader. Raised in Providence RI by a single mother who worked as a waitress, DaCriuz grew up experiencing housing and food insecurity. She now works at Dorcas International, helping refugee and immigrant communities in Rhode Island. 
  • Jennifer Stewart is an award-winning teacher running for House District 59, held by Jean Philippe Barros. After being asked to run by her students, Stewart entered the race to fight for a livable climate, fair wages, and affordable healthcare.
  • San Shoppell is a community advocate, chef, and artist running for State House District 65, an open seat currently held by Gregg Amore. Representative Amore is running for Secretary of State. As an activist, Shoppell was intensely involved with organizing to pass the Reproductive Privacy Act, and volunteers her time with The Womxn Project and AMOR.

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