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Uprise RI Debuts 8K Video Coverage: A Leap Towards the Future

Uprise RI takes a bold step forward, becoming the first media organization in Rhode Island to offer native 8K video coverage. Its debut 8K video, capturing the grand finale of Cumberland’s Fourth of July fireworks, demonstrates a commitment to delivering unparalleled visual quality its readers.

Rhode Island News: Uprise RI Debuts 8K Video Coverage: A Leap Towards the Future

July 9, 2023, 7:45 pm

By Uprise RI Staff

Today Uprise RI published its first news video in Ultra HD 8k resolution on its YouTube channel, becoming the first media organization in the state to move to native 8K coverage. The brief video depicts the finale of Cumberland’s Fourth of July fireworks show which was held on Sunday, July 8th. Going forward, Uprise RI plans to film and provide nearly all of its coverage in 8k, including the upcoming EV road trip report, though some videos may be filmed in 4k at 60 fps for certain purposes.

“This is professional-level equipment that has been generously donated.” said Uprise RI President, Greg Brailsford. Some recently released Android mobile phones have the capability of shooting footage in 8K, although their small camera sensors often result in quality that doesn’t quite measure up to dedicated video equipment.

What is 8K? 8K Ultra HD is a screen resolution 4 times sharper than 4K and 16 times (!) sharper than 1080p Full HD. If you were to imagine a 32″ screen with the same sharpness as the latest iPad, you will have a pretty good feel for the crispness of 8K resolution. “We recognize that 99% of our readers do not have an 8K display, however by making our coverage available in 8K now, in the future our readers will be able to revisit past events and experience them in breathtaking quality that truly must be seen to be believed,” said Brailsford. Although there are no mobile devices with 8K screens, readers with an iPhone 11 Pro and later and the most recent Samsung Galaxy mobile phones support QHD (2K) resolutions and they should notice a bump in the quality of Uprise RI videos.

Graphic depicting the difference in screen resolution from 720P all the way up to 8K

Until this month, Uprise RI filmed its coverage in 1080p Full HD, primarily on a mobile phone. The sudden leap to video that is 16 times sharper is exciting for the organization and its readers alike, with the increased resolution delivering incredible detail and color reproduction.

“We may be a small organization but moving forward we are going to utilize new technologies in a way that delivers value but costs as little as possible. We have many more exciting upgrades to come for our readers and they will be able to enjoy them immediately without needing a fancy screen. Some of these we have to keep under wraps, but we can’t wait to show you,” added Brailsford.