Uprise RI Introduces The Helping Hand AI Chat Assistant for Rhode Islanders

New AI chatbot from Uprise RI uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to help Rhode Islanders resolve a variety of issues with surprising precision and guidance.

Rhode Island News: Uprise RI Introduces The Helping Hand AI Chat Assistant for Rhode Islanders

November 20, 2023, 9:13 am

By Uprise RI Staff

Today Uprise RI launched a cutting-edge AI chatbot known as The Helping Hand to the public. The chatbot uses the most advanced artificial intelligence technology currently on the market to help Rhode Islanders with a variety of issues including tenant/landlord relations, food assistance, housing, and consumer complaints against businesses. Users simply type their problem and the chatbot responds intelligently with a thorough and detailed answer, and holds their hand (hence the name) throughout the process.

“The Helping Hand carries on Uprise RI’s mission of challenging those who hold power”, said Uprise RI President, Greg Brailsford. “With this tool, renters in Rhode Island now have a comprehensive resource to assist them when their landlord fails to take appropriate action. Consumers now have an advocate to guide them on resolving problems with local businesses. Those in need can learn about local resources available to help put food on their table. Best of all, The Helping Hand is free to use for everyone.”

Unlike the often unpredictable help a search engine typically offers, The Helping Hand answers each inquiry with empathy and guidance specific to the details of the user’s problem. It then follows up to ensure they understand the guidance given and if not, offers further assistance. It never gets tired, annoyed, or frustrated with the user.

Uprise RI, in coordination with the AI gurus at Company 50 in Cumberland, trained The Helping Hand on RI tenant/landlord laws with guidance from organizations like POWR to help renters handle nearly any issue they may encounter from unreturned deposits to maintenance issues and everything in between. In addition, the tool was trained on consumer law and and the various resources available both locally and nationally to assist consumers when they encounter a problem business. Lastly, the tool is provided with a continually updated list of resources for those who need food or financial assistance. Uprise RI expects to expand the categories The Helping Hand can assist with over the coming months.

Added Brailsford, “We would like to extend a special thanks to the team at Company 50 who not only helped us brainstorm ways to offer this tool at the highest quality without breaking the bank, but donated over $8,000 in development time to make it happen. We know of no other tool in the nation like this, and we’re so excited to provide it exclusively to our fellow Rhode Islanders. We also must thank our Uprise RI supporters who play a huge part in helping us fund the creation of tools like The Helping Hand and BillBuddy.”

The Helping Hand is available free of charge at and BillBuddy, Uprise RI’s state-of-the-art legislation summary and alert tool, will launch next month as we usher in the 2024 legislative session.