RI Attorney General receives petition demanding Sgt Hanley be charged with felony assault

“This is a travesty, that our Attorney General can only see a simple misdemeanor assault charge in all of this violence perpetrated in the name of this state with the power of the state behind that police boot.”

House elects Joseph Shekarchi as Speaker, begins 2021 legislative session

All the video from the first session of the House and the election of Speaker Joseph Shekarchi…

PERA holding special meeting to discuss release of Sgt Hanley videos

On Monday, November 16 at 5pm the Providence External Review Authority (PERA), the only civilian police oversight board in Rhode Island, will be holding a meeting to discuss and vote “relative to potential disciplinary action(s) to be taken against Executive Director Jose Batista, including, but not limited to possible suspension or termination of position.” It is unknown if the board …

PERA investigator issues report on PVD Police Sergeant Hanley’s use of force

Sergeant Hanley is observed in the following acts after the complainant is in handcuffs and lying on the ground in the prone position… Eugene Monteiro, the investigator for the Providence External Review Authority (PERA) issued a report on the actions of Providence Police Sergeant Joseph Hanley after reviewing civilian phone and police body camera footage of the incident. The report …

Providence civilian oversight board calls for independent review of Sergeant Hanley investigation

“I think the community is exhausted with letting the police, police themselves.” The Providence External Review Authority (PERA) is, for the first time since being empaneled in April 2018, exercising its discretion under Chapter 18 1⁄2 – 2 §(h)(1) of the Providence Code of Ordinances and calling for an independent review of the ongoing internal investigation regarding allegations made against …

Oped: Rhode Island’s police act no better than those that killed George Floyd

For Rhode Island’s police, violence is their answer. We must continue to struggle against the policing that invades and occupies our communities. Each new budget cycle, this same institution demands ever more resources from the communities it brutalizes. It is time to stop trying to reform, it is time to defund the police and reinvest in Providence.

PVD Mayor’s African American Ambassadors Group supports full repeal of LEOBoR

“Anything short of a full repeal is unacceptable. The time is now for a full repeal, explicitly replacing it with the same protections and procedures applied to all city / state public servants.”